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Session I       Sunday,   3.45 - 4.45 pm


paper session 271
Preparing teaching scholars: Comparing programs and practices in Australia, New Zealand and the USA
Tom Angelo
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paper session ®328
Educational developers - a strategic community
Torgny Roxå, Katarina Mårtensson
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paper session 211
Tracking the integration of research into teaching
John Hoddinott, Brad Wuetherick
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paper session ®398
Redesigning assessment for learning beyond higher education
David Boud, Nancy Falchikov
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showcase session 133
An institutional perspective on the scholarship of teaching and learning
Neil Haigh
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showcase session 316
Developing leaders of learning and teaching innovation and change
Neil Trivett, Heather Smigiel
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showcase session 115
Understanding the relationship between research and teaching
Angela Brew
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showcase session 349
Academic development through design: An example of learning to improve formative feedback
Peter Kandlbinder
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paper session 122
Listening to students: The experiences of disabled students of learning at university
Mick Healey, Andrew Bradley, Mary Fuller, Tim Hall
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paper session 352
The difference difference makes: New approaches to teaching, learning, and educational development in the context of diversity
Joy Mighty
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paper session 415
Universities as knowledge-intensive communities: Rhetoric and reality
Shelda Debowski
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showcase session ®289
Critical changes for successful cooperative education
Miriam Weisz, Sandra Smith
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paper session ®127
Individualism and collectivism within the academic employment relationship: A changing Australian higher education employment relations agenda
Amanda Williamson
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showcase session 218
Inclusivity and the role of language in higher education: A New Zealand case study
Chelsea Blickem
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showcase session 066
Making Indigenous studies relevant in the academy
Heidi Norman
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showcase session 267
New perspectives from new communities: Change in the University of Sydney's approach to ICT developments which support teaching and learning
Helen Wozniak, Karen Scott, Sue Atkinson
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showcase session ®244
Portfolio entry: Alternative university access for year 12 Students
Rigmor George, Jo Lucas, Deborah Tranter
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paper session 079
Pedagogy for internationalization: Focusing on student transition
Meeri Hellsten
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