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Session II       Monday,   9.00 - 11.00 am


paper session 089
Criticality and ethical practice in institutional research
Sue Clegg
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paper session ®412
Plagiarism detection and prevention: Are we putting the cart before the horse?
Ursula McGowan
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paper session ®118
How much should we divide and rebuild the indivisible and complex business environment?
David Clark-Murphy
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paper session 037
Towards a better characterisation of the motive component of approaches to learning
David Kember
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showcase session 399
Building community: Perceptions of group work over a three-year undergraduate degree program in computer science
Helen Drury, Judy Kay, Warren Losberg
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showcase session 302
Developing students' understanding in academic honesty to improve learning
Steve Clark, Mark Freeman, Emma Yench, Mark Westcott
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showcase session 047
Imagination in the classroom - an experimental study
Paul Ginns, Neville Goodwin, David Reid
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showcase session 101
Supporting teaching and learning about working collaboratively
Diana Quinn, Wendy Piltz
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showcase session 411
Profiles of students who plagiarise: Evidence from the chalk face
Robert Goddard, Romuald Rudzki
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showcase session ®432
Student learning of anatomy
Priti Pandey, Craig Zimitat
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showcase session ®205
An investigation into student approaches to learning at a multicultural university using the Revised Study Process Questionnaire
Lois Smith
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paper session ®090
Building a better understanding of the learning community of postgraduate coursework students
Glenice Watson, Greer Cavallaro Johnson, Tony Walker
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showcase session 338
Fostering the integration of live elearning into current flexible delivery strategies
Dale Wache
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showcase session 128
Creating an effective learning community in a large-class service teaching physiology course
Hardy Ernst, Kay Colthorpe
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showcase session 070
Concurrent validity of approaches to study instruments
Daniel Sze, Paul Ginns, Michael Prosser
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showcase session ®051
Supervising international undergraduate medical students
Gavin Melles
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showcase session 065
Learners that change: Assessing students' perceptions in undergraduate studies
Eli Bitzer
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paper session 197
The influence of online learning systems on campus-based student engagement
Hamish Coates
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paper session ®315
Academic developers as change agents: Caught in the middle
Margaret Hicks
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paper session 199
Outside in: New contexts, new students and new ways of internationalising our teaching
Bridget M Leggett, Margaret Bowering, Glenda Campbell-Evans, Michael Harvey
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paper session 021
Partnering for innovation: Linking science and business via new university degrees
Sheila Tobias
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showcase session ®041
Multimedia teaching aids for the practice and development of didactics skills of undergraduates
Pavel Andres, Dana Dobrovská
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showcase session ®134
Mutual reflections on a professional dialogue in academic development: Framing the inquiry, the personal-professional nexus and educational tensions
Damian Ruth, Kogi Naidoo
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showcase session 241
The politics of difference: American Muslim student experiences before and after the events of 9/11
Christine Asmar
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showcase session 212
The role of universities in society
Susan L. Donoghue
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showcase session 247
Educational technology use in higher education: Complex matters in complex systems
Jenny McDonald, Gabrielle Grigg
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showcase session 147
Academic staff development and communities of teaching practice
Alison Viskovic
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showcase session 099
Partnership (te noho kotahitanga), quality management and Maori knowledge and practices
Miriama Postlethwaite, Jurg Bronnimann
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paper session 275
Is the symbiotic organisation an achievable aim in academia?
Pip Bruce-Ferguson, Ruth Gorinski, Eileen Piggot-Irvine
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showcase session ®331
Getting started in flexible learning - perceptions from an online professional development workshop
Julia Hallas
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showcase session 249
They're happy, but have they genuinely improved? A complex question for academics and academic developers
Kay Martinez, Alma Hodzic
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showcase session 234
A six piece puzzle
Danie Mellor
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showcase session 273
Student reflections of online learning experiences
Helen Wozniak, Sue Silveira
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showcase session 132
Dilemma, paradox and wicked problems: The profession of teaching and academic development
Damian Ruth
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showcase session 209
Effects of entrepreneurship on intellectual contributions
Suppawan Songumnuaykun
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paper session 081
Reconceptualising feedback as feedforward
David Carless
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paper session 279
Social constructivist teaching methods in Australian universities - reported uptake and perceived learning effects: A survey of lecturers
James M. Hanson, Kenneth E. Sinclair
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paper session ®017
Mortimer Wheeler, Lewis Binford, Ian Hodder ... and you: Active learning in Archaeology
Claire Smith, Heather Burke
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paper session 245
Groundless fears? Flawed perceptions? The place of the academic skills advisor in today's university
Jeannette Stirling, Alisa Percy
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showcase session 246
Student perspectives on feedback
Ann Poulos, Mary Jane Mahony
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showcase session ®028
Serving time: The relationship of bad and good teaching
Michael Jackson
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showcase session 216
Web-based interactive tutorial activities in Greek art
Gina Salapata
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showcase session 364
What is critical thinking? Or shewing the fly out of the fly bottle
Tim Moore
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paper session ®149
The pathway to enriching teaching and assessment with technology
Paula Hodgson
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paper session ®300
Addressing diversity in higher education: Two models for facilitating student engagement and mastery
Jill Lawrence
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showcase session 171
The law student experience: The results of some empirical research
Caroline Morris
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showcase session ®228
The millennials: Computer savvy (or not?)
Carol Sherry, Kay Fielden
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showcase session 347
Developing generic criteria and standards for law: Processes, practicalities and possibilities
Clair Hughes, Russell Hinchy, Clare Cappa
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showcase session ®288
2020 Vision: An information literacy continuum for students primary school to post graduation
John Willison, Kerry O'Regan
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showcase session ®429
Providing feedback to online students: A new approach
Cristina Poyatos Matas, Cameron Allan
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showcase session ®422
In search of the key factors that influence student success at university
Lorelle J. Burton, David G. Dowling
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showcase session ®283
Assessing what we have taught: The challenges faced with the assessment of oral presentation skills
Donna Cooper
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showcase session 310
Information literacy continuum primary school to post graduation: Preliminary results of a study into the information literacy development of first year Health Science students
John Willison, Kerry O'Regan
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showcase session ®038
Teaching beliefs and the practice of e-moderators: Presage, process and product
Mary Panko
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showcase session 252
Reflections on first steps in a journey towards on-line teaching and learning for language
Nilwan Jiraratwatana
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showcase session 146
Multi-language learning tools - how can IT help?
Gudrun Oberprieler
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showcase session 253
InfoStart: A course-based, multi-sensory, multi-lingual introduction to the information riches of The Australian National University (Part A)
Margaret Henty, Jacqui Kempton
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showcase session 365
The WIL site: An innovative approach to improving the quality of clinical education in nursing
Robyn Nash, Pam Lemcke
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showcase session 222
Enhancing field education through the use of internet-based teaching tools (WebCT)
Justin Scanlan, Nicola Hancock
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