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Session IV       Tuesday,   11.30 am - 12.50 pm


Conceptual transgressions: Furtive explorations in the scholarship of academic development
Tai Peseta, Kim McShane, Catherine Manathunga, Susan Wilcox, Margaret Hicks, Peter Kandlbinder, Heather MacKenzie, Barbara Grant
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paper session ®080
Student perceptions of the internationalisation of the undergraduate curriculum
Craig Zimitat
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paper session ®227
Mentoring the new academic: Conversations for individual and university development
Mary Simpson, Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, Dorothy Spiller
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paper session 237
Indigenous Maori research, theory, and intervention in New Zealand tertiary education
Margaret Wilkie
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paper session ®325
Embracing and resisting border pedagogies: Student views of internationalising the curriculum in higher education
Valerie Clifford
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paper session 124
Renewing our lives as teachers: A case study of a teacher mentoring scheme in a Singapore institution of higher education
Moira Lee
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paper session 217
Emerging contexts in the construction of Maori academic development: The role of Whare Wananga
Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai, Patricia Maringi G. Johnston
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paper session ®180
Boyer reconsidered: Priorities for framing academic work
Susan Savage, Martin Betts
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paper session ®068
Academic managers and ethics: A question of making the "right" decision
Lisa Catherine Ehrich, Neil Cranston, Megan Kimber
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paper session 255
The "other" academic staff: Selected findings from a research project on university tutors' status, support and satisfaction
Kathryn Sutherland
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paper session ®060
From face-to-face to blended learning: Issues and challenges in redesigning a professional course
Louise Sutherland, Gerard Marcus, Andrew Jessup
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showcase session 103
Adventures in research-led teaching: Writing the history of holidays in Australia
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showcase session 063
Is Moral Studies a pain in private higher education institutions? A case study of Curtin University of Technology Malaysia
Azlin Hj Alwi
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showcase session 277
Quality teaching and sessional staff
Marina Harvey, Sharon Fraser & Jennifer Bowes
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showcase session 394
Can a practice based website be an effective vehicle for building capacity, knowledge and skills in the domain of home modification?
Catherine Bridge
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showcase session 054
Monash graduate pathways project
Heinz Kreutz
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showcase session ®183
Teaching ethics in higher education
John Ozolins
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showcase session 348
Shaping practices: An embedded approach to professional development of tutors
Carol Johnston, Gayle Morris
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showcase session 162
Improving student experience of virtual teamwork in an online postgraduate coursework program in Veterinary Science
Jenny-Ann Toribio, Ruth Laxton, Hannah Forsyth
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paper session ®329
University as learning organization: A case study of teamwork and team learning in a private university in Taiwan
Ai-Hua Chiang
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showcase session 130
Enhancing understanding of the physiology of metabolism and energy balance by the use of a guided-inquiry class
Kay Colthorpe, Hardy Ernst
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showcase session 111
Higher education: A complex microcosm of a complex society
Paul Douglas
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showcase session ®424
Competing rationales for and discourses of internationalisation: Implications for academic staff development
Betty Leask
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showcase session 416
Pharmacy student education helping to improve Indigenous medication management and health
Lindy Swain, Susan Taylor
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showcase session 341
Higher education in developing countries: A case study in Sierra Leone
Francess Bongay
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showcase session ®229
The student-staff partnership: Pooling our expertise to develop a user-friendly skills web site
Charlotte Taylor, Mary Peat, Chris Stewart
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showcase session ®083
The University of Botswana as a learning organisation: the challenges of fostering change
Isaac N. Obasi, Baakile Motshegwa
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showcase session ®049
'Preparing for sciences' workshop: A new initiative for Whyalla nursing students
Joy Penman
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showcase session ®012
Metaknowledge in tertiary education
Robert H Barbour
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showcase session 280
Online writing instructional system for international students
Mark Freeman, Diana Montgomery, Amani Ahmed
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showcase session ®213
Universities as learning organisations: Putting tutors in the picture
Kala S Retna
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showcase session 120
Mapping honours programs in Australia : The rationale for, and approach to, an investigation of the nature, current and future role of honours programs in Australia
Kylie Shaw, Allyson Holbrook
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showcase session ®087
UN decade of education for sustainable development: What does it mean for higher education?
Anna Reid, Peter Petocz
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showcase session 403
Changing the teaching of communication in higher education: Is inclusivity dead?
Carmela Briguglio
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showcase session 203
The effect of 'viva' assessment and perceptions of ability on student's approaches to study in higher education
Romy Lawson
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showcase session 342
Re-thinking computer-assisted assessment practices in relation to the development of self-regulated learning
David Nicol
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showcase session 153
Grading Hugh: Assessment in the performing arts and the implications of industry compliance in a university setting
Lynne Hunt, Heather Sparrow, Robyn Quin
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showcase session ®210
Assessment in online courses - some questions and a novel technique
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