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  Guidelines for Discussion fora

30 minutes (up to 10 min presentation, 20 min discussion)

Both sessions described below aim to involve small groups of people and will be limited to a designated number of people who have signed up during the conference. In each case, presenters will need to offer a structured outline of what will be discussed.

A. Where am I up to colloquia?
These sessions provide a space for new research projects to get feedback, commentary or collaboration on research progress sessions. Presentations describe where the research is currently at and might include an outline of research methods, data collection etc. Presenters talk for up to 10 minutes and facilitate discussion for remaining 20 minutes.

B. Think Tank Colloquia
These sessions provide a space for addressing controversial issues and for developing new ideas or collaborative exercises. The intention is to provide the space for discussions that need to happen in a safe, facilitated environment. Possible topics might include:

  • Student transition: Whose responsibility?
  • Enabling real learning when using ICTs
  • Teaching for student satisfaction or teaching for learning
  • Transnational education
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning

Facilitators could offer other hot topics for discussion with a brief description.

Proposals will be required in the form of a 500-word paper outlining the format of the Discussion Forum and will be reviewed by the Program Committee.

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