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  Guidelines for Research and scholarly papers


Refereed and Non-refereed
40 minutes (up to 30 min presentation, 10 min discussion)

Research papers describe completed studies based on qualitative, quantitative or other analytical methods. Scholarly papers do not require original empirical investigation, but must demonstrate a thorough understanding and rigorous analysis of current issues in higher education, leading to well argued conclusions. Paper presentations will take place in 40-minute sessions - allowing 30 minutes for presentation and at least 10 minutes for questions and discussion.


Proposals for refereed research and scholarly papers will be will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • the relevance of the topic to the conference themes
  • the relevance of the paper for the conference audience
  • the soundness of the research methods and critical analysis
  • originality and contribution to scholarship
  • clear and coherent presentation of the argument.

Authors may submit a full paper for a formal peer review process (see Information for Reviewers (PDF) for full criteria and standards for refereed papers) or may elect to submit a non-refereed paper which will be reviewed by the Program Committee.

Submission of a non-refereed research/scholarly paper will require more than an abstract. There is no minimum word count on the non-refereed research/scholarly papers, but in order to warrant a 40 minute presentation slot sufficient detail should be provided to the program committee so that a valid judgement can be made about the paper's suitability. The maximum length for a research/scholarly paper is 4,000 words, but you may submit a paper with fewer than 4,000 words but more than 500 words (the maximum length for an abstract) with enough detail for the committee to make a judgement.

As an alternative, you may submit your proposal as a Showcase (20 minute presentation slot), which can also include research and/or scholarly work.

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