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  Guidelines for Special Interest Symposia


75 minutes (30 min presentations; 45 min discussion)

A symposium is an integrated, interactive engagement between a panel of presenters and the audience. The focus of the discussion is a clearly identified theme that reflects an emerging issue in policy, practice or research. Participants will make presentations linking their perspectives to the theme, with ample opportunity for discussion. A nominated person will moderate this discussion. Symposia should be designed to run for 75 minutes including 45 min for discussion.

Proposals for symposia will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • the relationship of the topic to the conference themes
  • the relevance of the symposium for the conference audience
  • the coherence of the panel's presentations as a group
  • the range of expertise and/or points of view represented by the panel
  • the strategies to be used to encourage audience participation.

The Program Committee would be particularly interested in offers of symposia on the following issues:

  • Foundations programs
  • Disseminating outcomes from Carrick Grants
  • Scholarships in teaching
  • Indigenous curriculum
  • Science education
  • Practicum
  • Transnational education
  • First year experiences
  • Peer review

Proposals will be required in the form of a 500-word paper outlining the format of the symposium and will be reviewed by the Program Committee.

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