Herdsa 2009

Program - day 2 conference program

Note: This is a draft and will undergo changes.

The most up to date version of the program can now be downloaded. (PDF file 112KB)

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Time Event
7.00 - 8.00 New member breakfast at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club
8.30 - 9.00 Welcome and setting the scene
9.05 - 10.05 Netspot logo Keynote:Prof Ron Oliver
Taking the distance out of off campus study
Presentation sponsored by NetSpot
10.05 - 10.30 Taking a walk in the student’s shoes: Discussion Actitvity One
10.30 - 11.00 Morning tea
  Concurrent Session 1
  Embedding graduate attributes Designing for workplace learning in the health discipline Online learning environments Improving the 1st year experience Engaging students in the research experience How quality indicators impact the student experience Educational research Student choices and achievement Social learning / student support Teaching and leading in the global learning environment
11.00 - 11.40 Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Agnes Bosanquet
Will students notice the difference? Embedding graduate capabilties in the curriculum
Ieva Stupans, Susanne Owen
Comprehensive curriculum planning to improve student learning in experiential learning placements
Des Butler
Air Gondwana: Using ICT to create an authentic learning environment to teach basic negotiation skills
Natalie Brown, Andrea Adam
Towards a model first year experience - a staff perspective
Marc Wilson
Design, implementation, and assessment of an authentic advanced undergraduate psychology research methods course
Jeanette Baird, George Gordon
Systematic quality assurance for diverse student experiences
Linda Hodson
The importance of affect: enjoyment, responsiveness and creative teaching
Kerry Shephard, Samuel Mann, Nell Smith, Lynley Deaker
Customising educational approaches to the needs of students: but how well do we know our students' needs?
Pauline Hagel, Kerrie Saville, Melissa A Parris, Fiona Graetz, Fara Azmat
Collaborative inquiry using 'learning' projects
Steve Watt,
Allan Christie,
Enterprise Moodle: case studies exploring the Business Case for the Moodle Open Source Learning Management System in the University/TAFE sector
11.45 - 12.05 Catherine Barratt
ADEPT: an embedded approach to academic skills development
Marissa Olsen, Trede Franziska, Joy Higgs
Learning and teaching of collaborative decision-making with patients: a critical perspective
Christopher Cheers, Swee Eng Chen, Kamran Zarakhsh
Bringing e-Learning to Life - Student Engagement and Empowerment
Kelly Matthews, Deanne Gannaway
Social Learning Spaces at UQ: The impact on the student experience
Marjorie Kibby
Developing a research culture through the first-year curriculum
Joyce Kirk, Joan Cooper
The student experience revealed in audits of Australian universities
Tai Peseta, Peter Kandlbinder
Bursting with Phenomenography: The intellectual life and scholarship of Michael Tasman Prosser
Judy Nagy
Providing choices for learners and learning' alternative pedagogical approaches within units to recognise diversity in learning foundations
Nicola Rolls
Common Units: setting students on the road to success

Lorraine Sim
First Semester, First Year: Generic Skills Development in the Humanities

Ruth Warwick
An approach to academic support programs which results in good attendance

Neera Handa, Erst Carmichael, Clare Power
UniStep: a supplementary enabling transition program for students to step-up to uni - developing confidence, academic literacy, awareness of sustainability and improving the student experience

Nicola Dunham
Academic Literacies: A Transparency Approach for first year students
Julian Green
The Creation of Technology-Enhanced Mentorships and their Effect in Improving Perceptions of Social Inclusion and Skills in Older People and in New Undergraduates

Saadia Mahmud, Gavin Sanderson,xShelley Yeo, Michelle Wallace, Carmela Briguglio, Irene Tan, Parvinder Kaur Hukam-Singh, Thavamalar Thuraisingham

Moderation of assessment in transnational education: An Australian Learning and Teaching Council project

Cally Guerin, Ian Green
Culture, community and cosmopolitanism: The international research student experience

Susan Roberts, Linda Butcher
The (hidden) leadership life of the Unit Coordinator

Sherre Roy
The changing higher education landscape: the interplay between information technology, student learning and private providers through distance transnational education
12.10 - 12.30 Kerry Hunter
A case of embedding graduate attributes: student perceptions of their learning outcomes
Narelle Campbell, Anna Smedts
Allied health work-integrated learning in the NT: Student placement experience and outcomes
Barbara White, Jodi Tutty
Spaces for learning: effective design of online resources
Sheila Scutter, Denise Wood
Enhancing the first-year student learning experience through quality improvement of courses
Heather Sharp, Linda Stanley, Marie Hayward
Critiquing undergraduate student participation in academic research using Kincheloe and Steinberg's eight cognitive benefits.
Sandra Jones, Brenda Novak
Enhancing the student experience through responding to student feedback: distributed leadership approach
Fiona Wahr, Kathleen Gray, Alex Radloff
Improving student transition by working with staff conceptions of the student experience: academic development for organisational change
Vennessa James, Shirley Yates
University students personal achievement goals and perceptions of tutorial goal structures
12.35 - 12.55 Peter Johnson
Who's attributes are they anyway? Using e-portfolios to give graduate attributes back to the students
Mark Barrow, Sue Gasquoine, Jennifer Weller,
Preparing graduates to provide inter-professional health care: the rhetoric and 'reality'
12.55 - 1.40 Lunch
  Concurrent Session 2
  Supporting diverse students - study - life balance Interaction and the international student 1st year experience and ICT Assessment ICT: synchronous devices /clickers Developing critical thinkers Educational research and student engagement Authentic learning for the professions Developing graduate attributes / eportfolios Transitions from and to the workplace and others!
1.40 - 2.20 Lynne Harris, Melinda Lewis, Sandra West, Peter Driscoll, Lynne Brown
Student experience in combined and accelerated Master level programs
Sharon Watson
Distance education students' attitudes towards increased online interaction: desired change or unwanted imposition?
Maureen Bell, Paul Carr, Rob Whelan
Developing international perspectives through videoconference tutorials for global learning
Joan Richardson, Friederika Kaider, Kathy Henschke,
CCARDS - A framework for assessing Work Integrated Learning
Terry De Jong, Jenny Lane, Sue Sharp, Pat Kershaw
Optimising Personal Audience Response Systems technology to enhance student learning in teacher education lectures
Jane Mummery, Elise Morton-Allen
The development of critical thinkers: do our efforts coincide with students' beliefs?
Ian Solomonides, Anna Reid
Understanding the relationships between student identity and engagement with studies
Deborah West, David Heath
An authentic learning community: social work at Charles Darwin University
Nida Denson, Helen Dalton, Shirley Zhang
The impact of student experiences with diversity on developing graduate attributes
Alexis Esposto, Gerald Meagher
Looking Forward: What Skills Will Undergraduates Need?
2.05 - 2.20
M J Mahoney
Student safety online: who's responsible?
2.25 - 2.45 Robyn Benson, Lesley Hewitt, Anita Devos, Glenda Crosling, Margaret Heagney
Experiences of students from diverse backgrounds: the role of academic support
Sophie Arkoudis, Amanda Pearce
Utilising student diversity to enhance student experience in learning contexts
Tim Sawyer, Sheila Scutter
Using a Wiki to develop first year engagement
Iris Lindemann, Anna Smedts
Medical students experiences of a newly introduced work-integrated assessment strategy.
Mazlan Hasan, Marissa Wettasinghe, Pratima Majal
Exploring the affordances of online chat messaging for teaching and learning: A case study in higher education
Erst Carmichael, Helen Farrell
Secret Students' Business
Liz Van Acker, Janis Bailey, Brona Farrelly, Ray Hibbins
Capstone courses: The challenges of enhancing student engagement
Eileen Giles
A student initiated conference - fostering the teaching-research nexus in medical radiation science
Eva Heinrich, John Milne
ePortfolio adoption on single course level - guiding questions and experiences
Selena Chan
Belonging, becoming & being:- The role of `proximal participation' in apprentices' decisions to begin an indenture and its application to preparing young people for work.
2.50 - 3.10 Colin Beasley, Sarah Veitch, Phil Arena, Craig Whitsed
The confidence to continue: Helping students succeed through a first year elective
Kay Salehi, Akbar Rhamdhani
Orchestrating an inter-cultural engagement experience by manufacturing a need in a student group work project
Jennifer Thompson
How and why students use online learning support sites
Gordon Joughin
Students' experience of assessment: What don't we know?
Graham Barwell, Ruth Walker
Peer Assessment of Oral Presentations Using Clickers: The Student Experience
Julia Hobson
An intervention program for practising critical thinking: on-shore and off-shore students blogging together
Nick Zepke, Linda Leach, Philippa Butler
Student motivation and engagement in learning
Nona Muldoon, Jennifer Kofoed
Cognitive apprenticeship in accounting education: Preparing students for the profession
Ana Maria Ducasse
Toeing the line: Mapping Graduate Attributes on to assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Tim Lever, Fran Everingham, Elizabeth Devonshire
Learning design through role-play glasses

Linda Stanley
Engaging students through critical pedagogy.

Andrew Litchfield
Supporting work-ready learning and teaching
3.15 - 3.35 Heather Sparrow, Adrianne Kinnear, Mary Boyce, Sharon Middleton, Marguerite Cullity
Helping Students Succeed
Mary Panko
The experiences of Chinese lecturers in the role of students
Katie Hughes
Using Web 2.0 and New Media to increase retention and the fun of the first four weeks at Uni
June Slee, Stephanie Smith
Students' experiences of online multiple choice assessment
Representatives from HERDSA Fellows
Applying for a HERDSA Fellowship
3.35 - 4.00 Afternoon tea
  Concurrent Session 3
  1st year experience Indigenous learners Simulations in business, creating entrepreneurs Supporting a diverse student cohort Assessment and feedback Academic development and student experience/ supporting casual staff Student support and study skills Access, equity & social inclusion Learning in the community / volunteering  
4.00 - 4.20 Beverley Webster, Wincy Chan
First year transition experiences and effects on student learning outcomes
Barbara Grant
Survival of the fittest? Evolving identities in the supervision of indigenous doctoral students
Kevin Vanderplank
Authentic learning: Trading simulation using real time market activity
Jenny Silburn, Jaya Earnest
Facilitating effective learning of students from refugee backgrounds in Australian universities.
Izabel Soliman
Reviewing for HERD: Shaping scholarship in higher education
Kym Fraser, Yoni Ryan
So what do directors of academic development units have to do with the student experience?
Jennifer Kaighin , Robyn Nash, Sandy Sacre, Kathryn Derrington , Jillian Rowe , Anne Walsh, Charles Worrigham, Marylou Fleming
Developing academic literacy in first year health undergraduates
Derrick Armstrong
Social Inclusion in Higher Education
425 - 4.45 Kanchana Jayasuriya
A Program to Enhance the Transition and Engagement of Engineering Students at Victoria University
Michelle Trudgett
The role of universities in facilitating successful outcomes for Indigenous Australian postgraduate students.
Jon Edwards
Beer, games and university students: a recipe for learning?
Gary Pritchard
All Students Are Talented: Exploiting The Strengths Potential Via A New Lens For Learning And Teaching
Bob Rotheram, Mandy Asghar
Sounds GoodUsing digital audio for assessment feedback
Kogi Naidoo
Dilemmas of scholarship and/or research: Strategies to enhance the student experience
Anne Darroch, Elizabeth Rainsbury
When perception meets reality: Helping students understand their need for learning support in a first-year accountancy course
Stuart Middleton
A Tertiary High School: Challenges the Structures
Nicole Matthews, Jennifer Cattermole.
Rockets or rhizomes: the role of unpaid work in the careers of media and cultural studies graduates
4.50 - 5.10 Maria Parappilly, Jamie Quinton, Gunther Andersson
Enhancing the Transition to University Physics
Trudy Ambler, Susan Page, Sam Altman, Lana Leslie, Kristina Everett
Supporting Indigenous Student Learning: Understanding the Experiences of Students Studying in Block-mode.
Ray Meldrum
The student curriculum experience: An engagement with chaos
Jill Lawrence, Janet Taylor, Lorelle Burton, David Dowling
The student experience: students' learning approaches and personality and their impact on success in first-year
Brian Zammit
Delivering Formative Feedback via Screencasts
Bronwyn Bevan, Nicholas Baker, Bruce D'Arcy, Jayne Keogh, Louise Kuchel
Supporting the chalk face: a tutor-centric approach to professional development of casual and sessional teaching staff

Bronwyn Bevan, Kirsten Farrand
Handing over the reins: preparing tutors for inquiry based practicals
Robert Kennelly, Tony Tucker
The student experience: why "at risk" students choose to attend or avoid discipline support programs
Janet Pinder
The impact of an action based pedagogic approach to curriculum development aimed at marginalised learners.
Lane Perry
Servant-Leadership and Service-Learning in Leadership Education: Teaching Students the Value of Service
  Free evening
6.00 - 7.00 Fellows meeting - Char Restaurant
7.00 onwards Fellows dinner - Char Restaurant
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