Herdsa 2009


Program - day 3 conference program

Note: This is a draft and will undergo changes.

The most up to date version of the program can now be downloaded. (PDF file 112KB)

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  Concurrent Session 4
  Student support, information literacy, plagiarism and study skills ICT and student choices Workplace learning/ employability skills Higher degree supervision Policy, standards and learning spaces Developing communication skills Alternative perspectives on the student experience Research skills, post-grad experience An exciting mix  
8.30- 9.10 Kate Wilson, Doug Jackman, Monica Kennedy
Taking plagiarism personally: negotiating a psychological contract to enhance the student experience
Kathy Lynch, Justin Debuse, Meredith Lawley, Sherre Roy
An early investigation into factors in student's choice of technology for e-learning
Deb Clarke, Carol Burgess
Using practice based learning to improve the student experience
Ting Wang, Linda Li
International research students' experiences of feedback
Lawrence Cram
How Australian universities fund the student experience
Leigh Mckauge, Lynne Emmerton, Jacqueline Bond, Kathryn Steadman, Wendy Green, Terrilyn Sweep, Mary Cole
An initiative to improve the professional communication skills of first-year pharmacy students
Sheona Thomson
Towards a literacy of attention
John Willison, Eleanor Peirce, Mario Ricci
Towards student autonomy in literature and field research
Yvonne Hodgson
Students prefer lectures to peer-teaching

Anne Wallis, Linda Thies
Embedding graduate attributes; a collaborative approach

Marc Wilson
Confirmatory factor analysis and use of the AUSSE in a New Zealand sample

Gail Huon, Maria Northcote, Nicholas Barham, Elizabeth Burns, Leanne Milne, Tammy Robinson, Peter Santone, Andrew Yardy
Learning in the online environment: A university-wide web resource about online learning for students
9.15- 9.35 Linda Thies, Anne Wallis, Matthew Ebden
Developing pedagogy for integrating generic skills in course delivery
Helen Larkin
"But they won't come to lectures..." The impact of recorded lectures on student experience and attendance.
  Michelle Picard, Lalitha Velautham
Critical Discourse Analysis: enhancing the quality and uptake of supervisor writing advice
Geoff Mitchell, Gill Matthews, Romana Pospisil, Barbara White
Space Matters - Particularly when you don't have a lot
Meg Rosse
What experiences do students value in the development of their oral presentation skills?
Susanne Owen, Ieva Stupans
Graduated Descriptors and Assessment of Clinical Experiential Learning in Allied Health Sciences: Involving Students in Research Process Decision Making
Suzanne Morris
Authorship experiences of Research Higher Degree students
Jamie Quinton, Leone Maddox
Assessing for Desired Learning Outcomes in Tertiary Physics Education

Victoria Neville, Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer
Teacher education students' use of concept maps as cognitive tools within assessment
9:40- 10.00 Jenny Corbin, Claire Brooks, Fiona Salisbury,
Can't I just google?: Developing scholarship in first year undergraduates
Helen Cameron
Passion or Podcasts? Students' views about university lectures
Tony Foley, Margie Rowe
Providing an authentic practical experience for graduate law students
Catherine Manathunga
Power and desire in team supervision pedagogy: student experiences of team supervision
Sally Hunter
"That which we call an 'A' by any other name would smell not quite so sweet..."
Lynne Harris, Melinda Lewis, Peter Driscoll
Prioritizing Communication: Theory, Practice and the Student Experience in the Bachelor of Health Science
Margaret Hicks
Understanding experience beyond university: the development of an Employer Feedback Survey
Bitzer Eli
Students' supervision needs and experiences: What are postgraduates (un)happy about?
Patricia Treagus
Update on the ALTC Exchange
10.00- 10.30 Morning tea
10.30- 10.40 Announcements  
10.40- 11.40 Keynote: Professor Elizabeth Harman
Diversity and the student experience: targeting specific student needs in a multisector university
Keynote address sponsored by Folio Spaces
Folio Spaces        
11.45- 12.15 Taking a walk in the student’s shoes: Discussion Actitvity Two
12.15- 1.15 Lunch
HERDSA AGM to be held 12.30 to 1.15 Mal Nairn
  Concurrent Session 5
  ICT for health disciplines Scholarship of teaching/ educational research Internationalisation Academic leadership Employability skills for learning and the future Doctoral experiences and research skills development Student evaluation of teaching Supporting students and their teachers to develop Language and reading skills Educational research gender, identity, reflections Learning designs for students in the arts disciplines
1.20- 2.00 Ruth Billany, Trevor Billany
A wikied student experience: A collaborative project
Peter Goodyear, Lina Markauskaiter
Teachers' design knowledge, epistemic fluency and reflections on students' experiences
Li-chuan Chiang
Internationalizing the curriculum in Taiwan: what department heads think
Geraldine Lefoe, Dominique Parrish
Enabling leadership capacity through authentic learning: The Faculty Scholars Program
Jessica Frawley, Andrew Litchfield
Engaging students and academics in work-ready learning contextualised for each profession in the curriculum
Nick Hopwood, Kathryn Sutherland
Relationships and agency in doctoral and early career academic experience
Helen Dalton, Nida Denson
Student evaluation: What predicts satisfaction?
Hazel Owen, Bettina Schwenger
Supporting academic development to enhance the student experience
Cheryl Maree Ryan
Negotiating discursive positions within a police culture: Critical reflections of a student researcher
Cynthia Tait, Wendy Fountain
Exploring the role of the teacher-as-designer in online creative writing pedagogy
2.05- 2.25 Joy Penman, Jan Cook
Off-campus nursing students online for science studies
Rosanne Quinnell, Carol Russell, Rachel Thompson, Nancy Marshall, Jill Cowley
Evidence-based narratives to reconcile academic disciplines with the scholarship of teaching and learning
Ann Cheryl Armstrong, Lesley Harbon,
Taking Study Abroad beyond 'suitcase envy'
Dominique Parrish
Can emotional intelligence enhance the student experience?
  Margaret Kiley, Jim Cumming, Mandy Thomas
Higher Degree by Research candidates and skills development: What do we really mean?
Theda Thomas
Digging deeper into course experience questionnaire data
Felicia Zhang, Brett Lidbury, John Rodger, Brian Yates, Adam Bridgeman, Jurgen Schulte
A cross-disciplinary approach to language support for first year students in the science disciplines
Jocene Vallack
Students experiences of Personal Learning Environments
Robyn Philip, Jenny Nicholls
Developing students' critical and reflective thinking skills: an alternative to reflective journals
2.30- 2.50 Robyn Nash, Sandy Sacre, Pauline Calleja, Peter Le Rossignol, Karen Sullivan, Rowe Jillian
Enhancing transition from health courses by incorporating capstone experiences into the final year
Jane Abbiss
Redefining teaching and learning experiences: Shifting conceptions of knowledge, teaching and learning
Morgan Smith, Robyn Nayda, Elaine Rankin
Experiences of onshore international students: the implications for educational success of a holistic perspective
Shelda Debowski
Leading effective higher education teaching and learning communities: The head of school perspective
Srivalli Vilapakkam Nagarajan, Jenny Edwards
The relevance of University degrees for developing work-ready Information Technology Graduates
Merran Govendir, Paul Ginns, Rachel Symons, Imke Tammen
Improving the research higher degree experience at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney
Twan Huybers
Best-Worst Scaling: a `magnifying glass' method for university teaching evaluation
Georgine Clarsen
Challenges of the large survey subject: teaching and learning how to read history
Jennifer Wolgemuth
"I'm not a man, I'm a graduate student:" academic discourses and the construction of gender in higher education
Helen Sword, Michele Leggott
The student experience, with variations
2.55 - 3.15 Shane Bullock, Scott Bradey, Anna-Marie Babey
A demonstration of the usefulness of Web2.0 collaborationware as an effective learning tool
Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick, Angela Brew, Mary Ainley
A model of teacher learning: critical self-regulation
Sarah Lambert
Evaluating the Certificate in Global Workplace Practice: meeting international student needs
Lynne Cohen, Judy Nagy
Coalface subject co-ordinators ' the missing link to building leadership capacities in the academic supply chain
3.15-3.45 Afternoon tea- Poster presenters to be available to talk about their poster or follow up session queries from presentation session
  Concurrent Session 6
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3.50 - 4.50 Ellen (Cath) Dickey, Maureen Tuia, and Students
Ka Whangaia, Ka Tupu, Ka Puawai: Kia Kotahi Te Takahi Haere Whakamua. (That which is nurtured grows then blossoms: Moving forward together).
Tilly Hinton
Making Change: the place of universities in fostering civic engagement, agency and activism
Nicola Woods
Culture, Communication and Customs of Learning
Amanda Gilbert, David Crabbe
Can 'Threshold Concepts' help us to identify level descriptors in undergraduate degrees? Or... why is this course so hard?
Peter Kandlbinder, Catherine Manathunga
Writing oral histories and memoirs of academic development in Australasia
Alison Holmes
Getting a bigger bang for your buck
Angela Brew
Enhancing undergraduate experiences through research and inquiry
Grace Conti
Drawing bridges beyond grammar
Martin Davies
Computer-Aided Argument Mapping as a Teaching and Learning Tool
Marian Williams, Amy Kenworthy, Louise Mulligan
Beyond Awareness: Strategies for teaching International students
6.30 - 10.00 Conference dinner - Pee Wee's at the Point.
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