Herdsa 2009

Program - day 4 conference program

Note: This is a draft and will undergo changes.

The most up to date version of the program can now be downloaded. (PDF file 112KB)

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Time Event
  Concurrent Session 7
  Learning designs Language and learning Student support and mentoring Quality indicators, preparing academics to teach The AUSSE and student engagement   Indigenous academics as teachers and students Academic Development with a NZ flavour Curriculum Redesign and alignment
9.00 - 9.20 Lynne McArthur
Four different approaches to improving the student learning experience
Nicola Rolls, Fran Tolhurst
Talking Texts, Reading Texts, Writing Texts
Catherine Ross
"The person who called me was so encouraging - especially at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by the requirements of my study." Peer support for indigenous student engagement, retention and success.
Denise Chalmer, Kate Thomson
Enhancing the student learning experience through the development of quality indicators of teaching and learning
Linda (Yun-Wen) Chen
Giving students voice - and learning to hear what they say through the AUSSE
  Meegan Hall, Peter Adds, Ocean Mercier, Rawinia Higgins, Mamari Stephens, Te Ripowai Higgins, Alice Te Punga Somerville
The Indigenous Learner Experience: how do indigenous teachers contribute?
Barbara Kensington-Miller, Ian Brailsford, Chelsea Blickem, Peter Gossman
Developing Auckland's new academic developers: where to from here?
Michelle Kofod, Sean Brawley, Will Rifkin, Rosanne Quinnell, Noel Whitaker
Engineering critical conversations to enhance the generalist degree
9.25- 9.45 Tim Lever, Fran Everingham, Elizabeth Devonshire
Learning design through role-play glasses
Nira Rahman
Transition and Identity: Linguistic Minority International Students' Experince
Fran Castle, Simon Haslett, Louise Bowen
Undergraduate student mentor training and accreditation: the experience of Welsh Higher Education institutions and beyond.
Gail Wilson, Margaret Hicks, Heather Smigiel, Ann Luzecky
Preparing academic teachers in higher education
Pauline Hagel, Rodney Carr
Student engagement online: an agenda for research
  Susan Page, Christine Asmar
Academic students or student academics? Indigenous academics and higher degree research
Ngairo Eruera, Shelly Davies
Te toka āhuru: an indigenous framework for whakaako (academic development)
Lynne Cohen, Bunker Alison
Impacting the student experience through the unit coordinator: The total package.
9.50- 10.20 Taking a walk in the student’s shoes: Discussion Actitvity Three
10.20- 10.50 Morning tea
10.55- 11.40 President's address
Enhancing the student experience through improved higher educational leadership and practice
11.40- 12.40 BlackboardKeynote:George Kuh
High Impact Practices: What They Are, Why They Matter to Student Success, and Who Has Access to Them
Keynote address sponsored by Blackboard
12.40- 12.55 The student experience – Reflections from the discussion activities
12.55- 1.30 Awards, conference closing, HERDSA 2010
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