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HERDSA 2011 program: Full refereed papers

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Graduate student research as life on the edge: Examining one’s own learning environment
Vivienne Anderson
Leading on the edge of chaos: Mergers in higher education
Linet Arthur
Regulating quality and standards in higher education: how does Australia stack up?
Jeanette Baird
Exploring worldview, narrative, and institutional identity in Christian higher education
Christina Belcher, Graham Parr
The tertiary research milieu: Agile management for positive engagement
Jennie Billot, Andrew Codling
An exploratory investigation into first year student transition to university
Angela Bowles, Alexandra Dobson, Ron Fisher, Ruth McPhail
The efficacy of higher degree research discussion checklists on research candidate-supervisor communication
George Carayannopoulos
Building peer assistance capacity in faculties to improve student satisfaction of units
Angela Carbone
Thesis structure: Student experience and attempts towards solution
Susan Carter, Marion Blumenstein
Shifting identities: International staff negotiating new academic identities
Valerie Clifford, Juliet Henderson
Exploring the parallel universes of staff and student transitions in higher education
Helen Corkill, Sam Elkington, Lesley Lawrence
VET in Higher Education: A future for regional Australia?
Barbara Cram
Integrating learning and living: The lived experience of part-time business students
Stephanie Doyle
Development of the new academic: The case for blended delivery
Boris Handal, Elaine Huber
Student evaluation of teaching: Performance-importance analysis and best-worst scaling
Twan Huybers
Preparedness, first-year experiences and outcomes: A comparison between students in domestic and international degree programmes in a Dutch university
Ellen Jansen, Cor Suhre
The casual approach to university teaching: Time for a rethink?
Robyn May, Kaye Broadbent, Glenda Strachan, David Peetz
Building leadership capacity for community of practice facilitators: Edgy professional development
Jacquelin McDonald, Ari Palani
Negotiating identities in a professional doctorate: Tracing student perspectives
Lois Meyer, Jan Ritchie, Lynne Madden
Work integrated learning for life: Encouraging agentic engagement
Deborah Peach, Judy Matthews
Is it worth taking time out of first year science courses to explicitly teach team skills?
Amanda Rasmussen, Renee Rossini, Louise Kuchel
Have passport, will learn: History study tours and student learning and development
Daniel Reynaud, Maria Northcote
Using threshold concepts to transform entry level curricula
Sylvia Rodger, Merrill Turpin
Sessional employment and quality assurance in higher education: a risky business
Suzanne Ryan, McNeil Karen, Bhattacharyya Asit, Groen Egbert, Nadolny Andrew
Extended professional experience, does the 'Edge' and the 'Value Added' outweigh the burden on teacher education programs?
Lynn Sheridan
Learning and teaching from the edge to centre stage: Critical factors in embedding sustainable university-wide engagement in external awards and grants funding initiatives
Georgia Smeal, Deborah Southwell, Rae-Anne Locke
Programme approval and accountability: Exploring the service gap
Maggie Stewart, Shelley Paewai
Looking for women in Australian universities
Glenda Strachan, Kaye Broadbent, Gillian Whitehouse, David Peetz, Janis Bailey
Academic English - who sets the rules?
Pat Strauss
Talent pushing talent in a university wide honours college
Cor Suhre, Ellen Jansen
Research mentoring on the edge: Early career researchers and academic fringe-dwelling
Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Sue Saltmarsh, Holly Randell-Moon
Transferring knowledge through peer-reviewed assessment: The creation of a community of practice and the threats to its survival
Sue Taylor
This thing called blended learning – a definition and planning approach
Geraldine Torrisi-Steele
Importance of work ideologies to university identification: Manager and academic perspectives
Richard Winter, Wayne O'Donohue
Psychometric analysis of lecturers’ self-efficacy instrument
Jeya Velu, Mohamad Sahari Nordin
A failure of graduate attributes in accounting education
Jackie Yong, Suzanne Ryan, Christine Yap, Neelam Goela

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