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Prof. Paul Trowler

Dr. Paul Trowler, Professor in Higher Education, Lancaster University.

Keynote Presentation: Beyond Boundaries and Edges in Conceptualising Disciplines

Within the academic community there is a notion of disciplinary 'tribes' with clearly bounded territories. How should we conceptualise disciplines and disciplinary ways of knowing? This address will posit a critical view of disciplines, disciplinary differences and their power and significance as seen from a social practice perspective, situated within a summary of some of the forces acting on higher education around the world to interrogate the changing and developing sites of practice in which 'discipline' is re-contextualised and then deployed. What are the resulting implications for the quality of the student experience and the range of practices in the university oriented to learning and teaching enhancement?

Dr. Paul Trowler, Professor in Higher Education, Lancaster University, has research interests which include: academic 'tribes' and their disciplinary territories; planning and managing change in universities; the implementation of planned change particularly related to the enhancement of the curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment; higher education policy-making and environmental change; cultures in universities; and approaches to evaluation. He has published a total of 19 books, 21 articles and 20 chapters as well as numerous research reports.

Paul's most recent books are Cultures and Change in Higher Education (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008) and (edited, with Murray Saunders and Roni Bamber) Enhancing Learning, Teaching Assessment and Curriculum in Higher Education: Theory, Cases, Practices (Open University Press/SRHE, 2009). A further book is in print: Reconceptualising Evaluation in Higher Education: the practice turn (edited with Murray Saunders and Roni Bamber, Open University Press). He is currently working on an edited book on academic cultures and disciplinary differences (for Routledge).

Paul is Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. He also engages in research, evaluation and development work with universities and higher education funding and policy bodies across the world, most recently in South Africa, Sweden, Chile, Italy, Norway, Australia and Ireland.

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Prof. Paul Trowler
Prof. Paul Trowler

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