Herdsa 2011

HERDSA 2011 program: Day Three - Wednesday 6 July 2011

Time Activity

07:00 - 08:00

HERDSA Branch Breakfast Meeting

HERD Associate Editors Breakfast Meeting

08:00 - 17:00


08:30 - 10:30

Concurrent sessions 4A-4H




Session 4B


Session 4C


Session 4D


Session 4E


Session 4F


Session 4G

St Andrews

Session 4H



The efficacy of higher degree research discussion checklists on research candidate-supervisor communication
George Carayannopoulos

Student peer and self assessment in the context of Work Integrated Learning: Making it work
Suzanne Harman

Integrating learning and living: The lived experience of part-time business students
Stephanie Doyle

Negotiating identities in a professional doctorate: Tracing student perspectives
Lois Meyer, Jan Ritchie, Lynne Madden


Pedagogy of PowerPoint: Redemption of the didactic lecture as an effective and engaging teaching tool
Selvanayagam Nirthanan

Exploring worldview, narrative, and institutional identity in Christian higher education
Christina Belcher, Graham Parr

Pilot mentoring program for physiotherapy clinical educators
Melanie Nguyen, Kate Thomson, Irene Leithhead


Graduate student research as life on the edge: Examining one’s own learning environment
Vivienne Anderson

New contexts for concept map assessment of classroom learning: Chinese business students’ conceptualisation of marketing
Tania von der Heidt, David Spriggs

A failure of graduate attributes in accounting education
Jackie Yong, Suzanne Ryan, Christine Yap, Neelam Goela

Research mentoring on the edge: Early career researchers and academic fringe-dwelling
Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Sue Saltmarsh, Holly Randell-Moon

09:00 - 10:30
Approaches to monitoring and assuring academic standards in higher education
Bev Oliver, Wendy Harper, Royce Sadler, Kerri-Lee Krause

Outside the comfort zone: Including creative practice research in an English honours programme Frances Kelly
Marcia Russell, Lee Wallace

What does explicit research skill development in the curriculum actually achieve?
John Willison

Shifting paradigms, contesting silos and changing cultures: A community of practice approach to the leadership challenges of facilitating learning and teaching in a regional university
Jill Lawrence, Jane Summers, Lorelle Burton, Karen Noble, Peter Gibbings


Academic English – who sets the rules?
Pat Strauss

Rethinking assessment of competence within a first year nursing science module
Jane Stewart, Angela Stewart

Work Integrated Learning for life: Encouraging agentic engagement
Deborah Peach, Judy Matthews

Sessional employment and quality assurance in higher education: A risky business
Suzanne Ryan, McNeil Karen, Bhattacharyya Asit, Groen Egbert, Nadolny Andrew

Reading in the Humanities: Building reading resilience through the use of reading journals
Rosanne Kennedy, Kate Douglas, Anna Poletti, Judith Seaboyer, Tully Barnett

Exploring inter-professional and inter-industry education: Outcomes and future directions
Helen Larkin, Susan Ang, Danielle Hitch, Valerie Watchorn, Stephen Segrave, Merrin McCracken, Dale Holt, Hisham Elkadi

Professionalisation of academic staff in higher education: Constraining and enabling factors
Lynn Quinn


Thesis structure: Student experience and attempts towards solution
Susan Carter, Marion Blumenstein

Improving efficiency and quality in assignment marking using well-designed toolsets
Eva Heinrich

Facilitating transformative learning through critical reflection in work integrated learning
Alyce Davies, Helen Larkin

Looking for women in Australian universities
Glenda Strachan, Kaye Broadbent, Gillian Whitehouse, David Peetz, Janis Bailey

Crossing the threshold - language and identity in learning concepts in biology
Pauline Ross, Paul Parker, Taylor Charlotte

Examining student outcomes from undergraduate research experiences
Paula Myatt, Susan Jones

Cutting edge or bottom line? An unruly cost-benefit analysis of three academic development initiatives
Helen Sword

10:30 - 11.00

Morning tea

11:00 - 12:30

Q & A / Panel Higher Education on the Edge
Facilitator - Dorothy Illing

Sponsored by The University of Queensland

12:30 - 13:30


13:30 - 15:00

Concurrent sessions 5A-5H




Session 5B


Session 5C


Session 5D


Session 5E


Session 5F


Session 5G

St Andrews

Session 5H



13:30 - 15:00

Capstone courses: What is their place in a ‘transition pedagogy’ for final year students?
Sally Kift, Lynda Andrews, David Gray, Elizabeth van Acker, Janis Bailey, Peter Woods

The challenges of introducing change in a large interprofessional undergraduate subject on ageing
Moira Cordiner, Marguerite Bramble


The experience of academic work
Lawrence Cram

Student evaluation of teaching: Performance-importance analysis and best-worst scaling
Twan Huybers

A new perspective on the identification of threshold concepts
Sarah Barradell

Have passport, will learn: History study tours and student learning and development
Daniel Reynaud, Maria Northcote

Investigating the leadership needs in communities of practice: An audience driven empirical journey
Cassandra Star, Judy Nagy, Tony Burch, Jacquie McDonald


Response to scenario-based content delivery as an additional resource in a first year human bioscience university course
Jim Clarke, Michelle McCulley, Terry Stewart, John Milne

Concurrent Roundtables

Effectiveness of university-sanctioned Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) data: Accountability versus improvement
Josephine Healey, Rena Frohman, Sarah Stein, Dorothy Spiller, Stuart Terry, Lynley Deaker, Trudy Harris, Jo Kennedy

Making sense of higher education curricula in a changing context
Pam Roberts

Being pushed to the edge: A roundtable on the multifaceted value of tertiary students’ community engagement following national disasters
Amy Kenworthy, Billy O'Steen, Lane Perry 111, George Hrivnak, Patrick Keyz

Continuing professional learning of academic staff: Is this concept more valid for the current higher education landscape?
Janet Taylor, Gail Wilson

On the edge of higher education research: Negotiating new research identities through a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
Tai Peseta, Sarah Barradell, Sarah Down, Damian Spencer

Extended professional experience, does the ‘edge’ and the ‘value added’ outweigh the burden on teacher education programs?
Lynn Sheridan

A model for curriculum design based on threshold concepts and phenomenographic research: A case study of first year law
Mandy Lupton, Gerlese Akerlind, Jo McKenzie, Susan Carr-Greg, Rachael Field, Leanne Houston, Judith Jones, Cheryl Treloar

Embedding cross-cultural competencies in an Australian Pharmacy course: A case study of Middle Eastern students
Satish Maganlal, Naomi Blauberg, Michelle Barker

Doing it with CLASS: Subject Coordinators leading teaching teams
Geraldine Lefoe, Jo McKenzie, Janne Malfroy, Yoni Ryan, Dominique Parrish


Factors affecting first-year students’ participation in interdisciplinary PBL tutorials in Japanese higher education
Rintaro Imafuku, Norimitsu Kurata, Ryuta Kataoka, Mitsuori Mayahara

Early career researchers on the edge: Peer support through writing groups
Margot McNeill, Agnes Bosanquet, Elaine Huber, Angela Voerman, Christa Jacenyik

University and school partnerships: A new model for pre-service secondary education at Australian Catholic University
Josephine Brady, Carolyn Broadbent, Sandra Darley

Using threshold concepts to transform entry level curricula
Sylvia Rodger, Merrill Turpin

Improving student performance and satisfaction by the development of visual summaries
Michelle McCulley, Jim Clarke, Rachel Page

Is it worth taking time out of first year science courses to explicitly teach team skills?
Amanda Rasmussen, Renee Rossini, Louise Kuchel

15:00 - 15:30

Afternoon tea

15:30 - 16:30

Keynote 2 - Professor Paul Trowler
Sponsored by the University of the Sunshine Coast

19:00 - 23:00

Conference Dinner
Sponsored by James Cook University

Location: Augusta/Doral

*Please note that this program is indicative only and subject to change. Pre-conference workshops incur additional fees and require registration. If you have already registered to attend the conference and would now like to register to attend pre-conference workshops please download and complete the pre-conference workshop registration form.

Event photographers will be working during HERDSA 2011 to photograph presenters and delegates during conference sessions and social events. Photographs taken during the conference may appear on the HERDSA 2011 conference website or in future publications related to HERDSA. A selection of photographs may also be displayed as a projected slideshow in the venue prior to commencing proceedings each day. Please advise photographers if you do not wish to be included in a photograph.

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