Herdsa 2011

HERDSA 2011 program: Day Four - Thursday 7 July 2011

Time Activity

08:00 - 13:00


09:00 - 10:30

Concurrent sessions 6A-6H




Session 6B


Session 6C


Session 6D


Session 6E


Session 6F


Session 6G

St Andrews

Session 6H



09:00 - 10:30

Disciplinarity in teaching and learning: A snapshot of the landscape
Mia O'Brien,: Karena Menzie, Christopher Klopper, Nic Carah, Winnifred Louis

'Just in time-just for me' narrative support for learning leaders in higher education
Susan Roberts, Coral Pepper

Concurrent Roundtables
The interdisciplinary edge: Transforming academic practice and enhancing student learning via interdisciplinary curricula
Carmel Coady, Kelly E Matthews, Aidan Davison, Emma Pharo and Kristin Warr  

A pedagogy of uncertainty: The role of creativity and innovation in enhancing student engagement
Dawn Bennett, Philip Poronnik

Learning and teaching academic standards: A tool for curriculum reform?
Susan Jones   

Shifting identities: International staff negotiating new academic identities
Valerie Clifford, Juliet Henderson

Reconceptualising science: The good, the bad and the ugly
Pauline Ross, Betty Gill

Parental leave in Australian Universities: Comparisons and recommendations
Emma Ruckley, Glenda Strachan

Quality engagement: Is online activity associated with final marks?
John Milne, Lynn Jeffrey, Andrew Higgins, Keith Comer, Gordon Suddaby

Changing conditions, changing practices: An explorative study of continuing professional learning in a faculty-based community of practice
Wendy Green, Ray Hibbins, Luke Houghton, Aaron Ruutz


Student support in action: Improving the university student experience
Daniella Hickling, Marlene Saunders-Sobers

The casual approach to university teaching; Time for a rethink?
Robyn May, Kaye Broadbent, Glenda Strachan, David Peetz

A focus on non-technical competencies in preparation of veterinary science student immersion in professional practice
Gary Hamlin, Blaise Webster, Lee Fitzpatrick, Darryl Krook

Pleasure, pride, compliance, resentment, shame, anger: Women academics respond to research audit
Barbara Grant, Vivienne Elizabeth

Transferring knowledge through peer-reviewed assessment: The creation of a community of practice and the threats to its survival
Sue Taylor

Closing the loop: Embedding voluntary peer review of teaching in communities of practice
Susan Bolt, Brian Perrin, Stacey Porter




Becoming and being: Triangulated accounts of identity formation upon doctoral completion
Eli Bitzer, Stephanie Vandenbergh

Psychometric analysis of lecturers’ self-efficacy instrument
Jeya Velu, Mohamad Sahari Nordin



Success in academia: Findings from an international research project with early career academics Kathryn Sutherland

10:30 - 11.00

Morning tea

11:00 - 13:00

HERDSA President's address
Keynote 3 - Dr Carol Nicoll

Sponsored by The University of Queensland
Conference handover to HERDSA 2012

Location: Augusta/Doral


Conference close

*Please note that this program is indicative only and subject to change. Pre-conference workshops incur additional fees and require registration. If you have already registered to attend the conference and would now like to register to attend pre-conference workshops please download and complete the pre-conference workshop registration form.

Event photographers will be working during HERDSA 2011 to photograph presenters and delegates during conference sessions and social events. Photographs taken during the conference may appear on the HERDSA 2011 conference website or in future publications related to HERDSA. A selection of photographs may also be displayed as a projected slideshow in the venue prior to commencing proceedings each day. Please advise photographers if you do not wish to be included in a photograph.

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