Herdsa 2011

HERDSA 2011 program: Roundtables

What is a Roundtable?

Special Interest Roundtables are held concurrently in the Pinehurst Room which will divided into quadrants separated by dividers. Adequate space is provided to ensure easy participation. Neither PowerPoint nor PA systems are used and there are 15 places available for delegates in each round-table in order to maximise discussion.

Developing an understanding of effective, high-quality excellent teaching
Marcia Devlin, Angela Carbone
Research and teaching: Integration or an interruption?
Sylvia L. Edwards, Peter O'Shea
Writing a PhD by publication: Has the traditional thesis reached its use-by date?
Cally Guerin
Effectiveness of university-sanctioned Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) data: Accountability versus improvement
Josie Healy, Rena Frohman, Sarah Stein, Dorothy Spiller, Stuart Terry, Lynley Deaker, Trudy Harris, Jo Kennedy
Student evaluation of teaching: A double edged sword
Josie Healy, Rena Frohman
combined with
Evaluations: Barriers to risk-taking and innovation in teaching?
Sarah Stein, Dorothy Spiller, Stuart Terry, Lynley Deaker, Trudy Harris, Jo Kennedy
Assessing and assuring graduate learning outcomes in and across disciplines
Clair Hughes, Geoffrey Crisp, Barrie Simon
Learning and Teaching Academic standards: A tool for curriculum reform?
Susan Jones
Being pushed to the edge: A roundtable on the multifaceted value of tertiary students’ community engagement following national disasters
Amy Kenworthy, Billy O'Steen, Lane Perry 111, George Hrivnak, Patrick Keyzer
Widening participation: does cultural capital really make a difference for first year students?
Sharron King, Ann Luzeckyj, Sheila Scutter, Russell Brinkworth
combined with
Widening participation - challenges and approaches in turbulent times
Carole Nairn, Lesley-Anne Holder
The pathway to PhD entry via a coursework masters
Margaret Kiley
Improving the student experience by moving evaluations on-line
Alison Kuiper, John Boereboom, Hamish Paton
What do learning analytics really tell us about student learning and how does the data inform practice?
Jason Lodge, Debra Bath, Calvin Smith
Making sense of higher education curricula in a changing context
Pam Roberts
Continuing professional learning of teachers: Is this concept more valid for current higher education?
Janet Taylor, Gail Wilson

*Please note that this program is indicative only and subject to change. Pre-conference workshops incur additional fees and require registration. If you have already registered to attend the conference and would now like to register to attend pre-conference workshops please download and complete the pre-conference workshop registration form.

Event photographers will be working during HERDSA 2011 to photograph presenters and delegates during conference sessions and social events. Photographs taken during the conference may appear on the HERDSA 2011 conference website or in future publications related to HERDSA. A selection of photographs may also be displayed as a projected slideshow in the venue prior to commencing proceedings each day. Please advise photographers if you do not wish to be included in a photograph.

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