Herdsa 2011

HERDSA 2011 program: Showcases

ALTC ‘Promoting Excellence Initiative’ Strategies - Success stories in enhancing and supporting quality learning and teaching at Australian universities
Dionne Amato Ali, Judith Lyons, Helen Stephenson, Tania Stevenson
Exploring inter-professional and inter-industry education: Outcomes and future directions
Susan Ang, Helen Larkin, Danielle Hitch, Valerie Watchorn, Stephen Segrave, Merrin McCracken, Dale Holt, Hisham Elkadi
A new perspective on the identification of threshold concepts
Sarah Barradell
Student-centred teaching at the Royal University of Bhutan
Maureen Bell
Becoming and being: Triangulated accounts of identity formation upon doctoral completion
Eli Bitzer, Stephanie Vandenbergh
Closing the loop: Embedding voluntary peer review of teaching in communities of practice
Susan Bolt, Brian Perrin, Stacey Porter
Students' perceptions of the development of critical thinking skills, or "Mrs Cleaver goes back to school"
Linda Bowden, Kathryn Sutherland
University and school partnerships: a new model for pre-service secondary education at Australian Catholic University
Josephine Brady, Carolyn Broadbent, Sandra Darley
Evaluating a Doctoral Skills Programme Longitudinally
Ian Brailsford, Susan Carter, Stephanie Cook, Frances Kelly, Li Wang
PBL curriculum re-design: A multiliteracies perspective
Susan Bridges
Lessons from the Promoting Excellence Initiative project: the influence of context
Miriam Brooker, Rick Cummings, Judy Nagy, Georgia Smeal, Margaret Mazzolini, Marcia Devlin
Educational journeys: The challenges of VET to higher education transition
Janice Catterall, Janelle Davis
Identification of indicators and measures of  impact on teaching preparation programs in higher education
Denise Chalmers, Allan Goody, Veronica Goerke, Sue Stoney, Di Gardiner
Response to scenario-based content delivery as an additional resource in a first year human bioscience university course
Jim Clarke, Michelle McCulley, Terry Stewart, John Milne
A vertically-integrated approach to assessment in the BSc Biomedical Science major
Kay Colthorpe
The challenges of introducing change in a large interprofessional undergraduate subject on ageing
Moira Cordiner, Marguerite Bramble
A student pathway project in first year biology and its systemic impact
David Crabbe, Amanda Gilbert
The experience of academic work
Lawrence Cram
Redefining assessment practices in higher education
Geoffrey Crisp
Applying theory to practice in an undergraduate public health course
 Jon Edwards, Ruth Crowther
Interactive scenario-based learning on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for first year students in physiology using a smart phone delivery platform
Hardy Ernst, John Harrison
Dissemination in grants projects: Lessons for achieving seismic shifts and tectonic change
Deanne Gannaway, Tilly Hinton, Bianca Berry, Kaitlin Moore
Investigating the relationship between persistence, epistemological beliefs and learning environment
Julie Godwin
Higher Education Research & Development (HERD): Meet the new editors
Barbara Grant, Catherine Manathunga, Mark Barrow, Tai Peseta, Bruce Macfarlane, Ian Brailsford
Pleasure, pride, compliance, resentment, shame, anger: Women academics respond to research audit
Barbara Grant, Vivienne Elizabeth
Changing conditions, changing practices: An explorative study of continuing professional learning in a faculty-based community of practice
Wendy Green, Ray Hibbins, Luke Houghton, Aaron Ruutz
Getting real: How Māori academics are making academic development work for them
Meegan Hall
A focus on non-technical competencies in preparation of veterinary science student immersion in professional practice
Gary Hamlin, Blaise Webster, Lee Fitzpatrick, Darryl Krook
Developing novice learners' critical thinking skills in two politics units
Sara Hammer, Phil Griffiths
Student peer and self assessment in the context of work integrated learning: Making it work
Suzanne Harman
How content creation for iTunesU enhances the understanding of science in physiology and communication students
John Harrison, Hardy Ernst
Improving efficiency and quality in assignment marking using well-designed toolsets
Eva Heinrich
Good Practices in Practice-Based Education
Joy Higgs
Mentoring engagement in LAMP: an embedded peer mentoring program for international students
Ruth Hills, Michelle Barker, Peter Woods, Ray Hibbins, Arthur Poropat, Sally Borbasi
Integrating peer-assisted learning and case-based learning in a professional course
Yvonne Hodgson, Charlotte Brack, Robyn Benson
Characteristics of assessment tasks that provide opportunities for student demonstrations of achievement of discipline benchmarking statements
Clair Hughes, Anne Bennison
Maintaining standards: teaching writing in conjunction with disciplinary concepts
Kerry Hunter, Harry Tse
Student evaluation of teaching: Performance-importance analysis and best-worst scaling
Twan Huybers
Factors affecting first-year students’ participation in interdisciplinary PBL tutorials in Japanese higher education
Rintaro Imafuku, Norimitsu Kurata, Ryuta Kataoka, Mitsuori Mayahara
Enabling distributed leadership for learning and teaching: The Self Enabling Reflective Tool (ASERT)
Sandra Jones, Marina Harvey, Geraldine Lefoe, Kevin Ryland, Annette Schneider
The Intellectual Life and Scholarship of Ronald Barnett
Peter Kandlbinder, Tai Peseta
The LearnHigher resources: Learning development for students and tutors
Christine Keenan, Linda Murray
Outside the comfort zone: including creative practice research in an English Honours programme
Frances Kelly, Marcia Russell, Lee Wallace
Reading in the humanities: Building reading resilience through the use of reading journals
Rosanne Kennedy, Kate Douglas, Anna Poletti, Judith Seaboyer, Tully Barnett,
Does relocating to university have adverse health effects for country kids?
Sharron King, Robyne Garrett , Alison Wrench
Facilitating transformative learning through critical reflection in work integrated learning
Helen Larkin, Alyce Davies
Shifting paradigms, contesting silos and changing cultures: a community of practice approach to the leadership challenges of facilitating learning and teaching in a regional university
 Jill Lawrence, Jane Summers, Lorelle Burton, Karen Noble, Peter Gibbings
Doing it with CLASS: Subject coordinators leading teaching teams
Geraldine Lefoe, Jo McKenzie, Janne Malfroy, Yoni Ryan, Dominique Parrish
An evidence-based framework for quality: Bringing the best from informatics in healthcare to quality in higher education @ Sydney Nursing School
Melinda Lewis, Stuart Newman
Welcome to 2012: Australian academic developers and student driven university funding
Peter Ling, Kym Fraser, David Gosling
A model for curriculum design based on threshold concepts and phenomenographic research: A case study of first year law
Mandy Lupton , Gerlese Akerlind, Jo McKenzie, Susan Carr-Greg, Rachel Field, Leanne Houston, Judith Jones, Cheryl Treloar
Embedding cross-cultural competencies in an Australian pharmacy course: A case study of Middle Eastern students
Satish Maganlal, Naomi Blauberg, Michelle Barker
Tuākana Learning Community: Enhancing Academic Success for Māori and Pasifika Students
Robyn Manuel, Catherine Dunphy, Geremy Hema
The student voice hidden in the quality and standards
Kelly E Matthews
Improving Student Performance and Satisfaction by the Development of Visual Summaries
Michelle McCulley, Jim Clarke, Rachel Page
Peer review of teaching: Moving learning and teaching practice from the edge, by developing a public culture of academic practice
Kathleen McEvoy, Susan Shannon
Professional learning for tertiary educators to support quality student learning experiences
Alyson McGee
Students’ experiences of feedback – what can we learn?
Angela McLean, Carol Bond, Helen Nicholson
Early career researchers on the edge: peer support through writing groups
Margot McNeill, Agnes Bosanquet, Elaine Huber, Angela Voerman, Christa Jacenyik
Digital 'Māori Mapping': enhancing learner engagement through a student-built atlas
Ocean Mercier, Peter Adds, Meegan Hall
Quality engagement: Is online activity associated with final marks?
John Milne, Lynn Jeffrey, Andrew Higgins, Keith Comer, Gordon Suddaby
A reflective approach to teaching practicum debriefing
Mark Minott
Examining student outcomes from undergraduate research experiences
Paula Myatt, Susan Jones,
Coalface subject coordinators – the missing link in the academic supply chain (final outcomes)
Judy Nagy
Applying for a HERDSA Fellowship: Taking your higher education to the edge
Kogi Naidoo, Robert Kennelly, Janet Taylor
Pilot mentoring program for physiotherapy clinical educators
Melanie Nguyen, Kate Thomson, Irene Leithhead
Pedagogy of PowerPoint: redemption of the didactic lecture as an effective and engaging teaching tool
Selvanayagam Nirthanan
On the edge of higher education research: negotiating new research identities through a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
Tai Peseta, Sarah Barradell, Sarah Down, Damian Spencer
Professionalisation of academic staff in higher education: constraining and enabling factors
Lynn Quinn
Peer mentoring for indigenous staff at the University of Auckland
 Matiu Tai Ratima, Barbara Kensington-Miller
PASS provides holistic support through pro-active personal tutoring, pastoral safety net and mentoring for success
Susan Robbins
'Just in time-just for me' narrative support for learning leaders in higher education
Susan Roberts, Coral Pepper
Reconceptualising science: the good, the bad and the ugly
Pauline Ross, Betty Gill
Making ALTC’s Learning and Teaching Academic Standards work for the discipline of biochemistry
Susan L. Rowland, Eileen Yeo Chung, Christopher A. Smith, Elizabeth M. A. Gillam
Parental leave in Australian universities: Comparisons and recommendations
Emma Ruckley, Glenda Strachan
Investigating the leadership needs in communities of practice: an audience driven empirical journey
Cassandra Star, Judy Nagy, Tony Burch, Jacquie McDonald
Rethinking assessment of competence within a first year nursing science module
Jane Stewart, Angela Stewart
Talent pushing talent in a university wide honours college
Cor Suhre, Ellen Jansen
Success in academia: Findings from an international research project with early career academics
Kathryn Sutherland
Cutting edge or bottom line? An unruly cost-benefit analysis of three academic development initiatives
Helen Sword
Crossing the threshold – language and identity in learning concepts in biology
Charlotte Taylor, Pauline Ross, Paul Parker
Challenges of a collaborative writing assessment
Theda Thomas
New contexts for concept map assessment of classroom learning: Chinese business students’ conceptualisation of marketing
Tania von der Heidt, David Spriggs
Implementing a mentoring programme in a New Zealand polytechnic environment
Janet Walke, Lesley Petersen
International students’ expectations and experiences over one semester of English language enhancement
Ian Walkinshaw, Ben Fenton-Smith, Rowan Michael, Pamela Humphries, Michael Haugh, Ana Lobo
Student experiences of critical thinking development
Rob Wass, Tony Harland
Guiding student personal and professional development: The Veterinary Mentor Program
Blaise Webster, Gary Hamlin, Lee Fitzpatrick, Darryl Krook
Authentic assessment: A framework for contrasting assessment performance requirements with engineering practice
Karen Whelan
What does explicit research skill development in the curriculum actually achieve?
John Willison
A multi-disciplinary study of the benefits students gain from engaging research experiences
Kirsten Zimbardi, Paula Myatt

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