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Brew, A. & Asmar, C. (Eds) (2005). Higher Education in a changing world. Research and Development in Higher Education, 28. Proceedings of the 2005 HERDSA Annual Conference. Sydney Australia 3 - 6 July.

ISBN 0 908557620
ISSN 01556223

Conference delegates were invited to submit full papers or abstracts to the HERDSA 2005 Conference Committee for consideration. All full papers and all abstracts were blind reviewed by two reviewers chosen from our international panel of reviewers and feedback was provided to authors. Submissions were reviewed according to criteria including relevance to the conference themes and interest to potential delegates, whether an appropriate level and type of participant engagement was specified, and whether the contribution demonstrated awareness of an international audience. Full papers were also assessed as to whether they demonstrated a contribution to research/scholarship and/or demonstrated new or innovative practice(s).

The refereed publication: Brew, A. & Asmar, C. (2005). Higher Education in a changing world: Research and Development in Higher Education, Volume 28, contains all full papers that, in the opinion of the reviewers and the Editorial Committee, successfully met the criteria. In some cases authors were asked to submit changes and these were thoroughly examined by the Publications Editors to ensure that the requirements had been met. This publication is available for purchase.

Contributors of abstracts were invited to submit non-refereed papers if they wished. The Conference CD, which is included in the Conference Pack for each delegate, contains these and other papers not included in the refereed collection, together with all abstracts and a copy of the program. Limited numbers of this CD are available for purchase.

In addition, all delegates receive a hard copy of the Program and Abstracts booklet.