HERDSA conference 2006 home page
  Call for contributions

We invite you to submit proposals for HERDSA 2007 under the overarching conference theme of Enhancing Higher Education, Theory and Scholarship.

Submissions that allow participants to explore new ideas, which challenge existing paradigms and which engage participants in collaborative discussions are particularly sought. Submissions may address one of the three sub-themes of:

  1. Theoretical frameworks of learning and teaching in higher education
  2. Scholarship of learning and teaching
  3. How the theory and scholarship translate into a meaningful student experience

Submissions are accepted on the basis that at least one presenter must register and attend the conference.

Authors will find it helpful to refer to the Information for Reviewers (PDF), in particular the sections on the review process and rating the papers, before submitting their paper. Papers should be original, comply with copyright law and reflect the HERDSA guidelines relating to format and presentation.

**Submit a contribution via MyReview**

The closing date for all submissions is 23 March 2007. Please note that no extensions will be available for submissions, this is the final date.

  Types of contributions
  1. Research and scholarly papers (Refereed and Non-refereed)
    40 minutes (up to 30 min presentation, 10 min discussion)
  2. Showcases (Refereed and Non-refereed)
    20 minutes (up to 10 min presentation, 10 min discussion)
  3. Special Interest Symposia (Non-refereed)
    75 minutes (30 min presentations; 45 min discussion)
  4. Discussion fora
    30 minutes (up to 10 min presentation, 20 min discussion)
  5. Poster presentations (Non-refereed)
    10 minutes (up to 5 min presentation, 5 min discussion)
  6. Pre-conference Workshop (Non-refereed)
    3 hours


Reviewing process: Refereed research or scholarly papers and Showcase presentations

Authors must submit their full paper by 23 March 2007 for the double blind peer review process. Refereed or non-refereed research or scholarly papers will be up to 4,000 words and Refereed Showcases will be up to 2,000 words. Papers submitted for the Proceedings will be refereed by at least two reviewers selected by the Conference Committee according to Australia's Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) refereeing standards (PDF.)

For non-refereed Showcases, Symposia, Discussion fora or Poster, authors should submit an abstract up to 500 words which will be reviewed by the Conference Committee. The Conference Committee may seek comments from external reviewers for non-refereed submissions.

Refereed papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings Enhancing Higher Education, Theory and Scholarship, Volume 30. All accepted submissions (refereed and non-refereed) will be placed on the CD Rom Proceedings. Please ensure that you follow the HERDSA paper guidelines for formatting.