Herdsa 2009

Guidelines for Showcases

Refereed abstract
20 minutes (no more than 10 min presentation, at least 10 min discussion)

Acceptance will be on the basis of a 500 word (max) abstract. 
Showcase sessions provide for two types of presentations. 

  1. Presentations which showcase successful or innovative techniques for, or approaches to, teaching as well as information about programs or student learning activities.  In these cases the abstract should set out context and setting, what was done, and information related to evaluation and impact.
  2. Presentations of research or scholarly work that is underway where session feedback may lead to modification and later publication.  In these cases the abstracts will be selected according to the criteria for research and scholarly papers.

Criteria for showcase abstracts are

Showcases should be designed to run for a total of 20 minutes including at least 10 minutes for discussion.