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Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference. Please bring your poster with you to the conference. Poster numbers will be confirmed in the Program Book which you will receive when collecting your name badge and satchel at the conference.

An interactive poster viewing session will be held on Wednesday 4 July 2012 from 1830 - 1930 to give authors the opportunity to discuss their poster with delegates.

Please ensure that you follow the Guidelines for Poster Presentations when preparing your poster for the conference.

  Including students in curriculum design: creating successful connections
Dr Leslie Almberg*, Mr Ross Kielman
  Key components for building graduate student capacity for research
Dr Michelle Bass*, Ms Maureen Ryan, Dr Rachel Yeung, Ms Meg Kapil, Ms Suzanne Slater, Ms Kate Creedon
  Staff and students benefit from the sharing and development of knowledge of standards within the DUAL program
Dr Fiona Bird*, Ms Robyn Yucel, Ms Tania Blanksby, Ms Jodie Young
  Enhancing tutor training through peer connections
Dr Angelito Calma*, Mark Eggins*
  Writing for Psychology: A First-year Student Learning Support Initiative
Dr Andrea Carr*
  Evaluating the coherence and disciplinarity of an integrated written examination in a first-year medical course
Mr Neville Chiavaroli*
  Evaluating the research exposure of Biomedical Science undergraduates: are students given opportunities to connect with research?
Dr Julia Choate*, Dr Janet Macaulay, Mr Hamish McWilliam, A/Prof David Piedrafita,
A/ Prof Michal Schneider-Kolsky
  On-line audiovisual pre-laboratory resources in anatomy - are we connecting with students?
Dr Derek Choi-Lundberg*, William Cuellar, Anne-Marie Williams
  The University Preparation Program: connecting with peers, staff, and UTAS
Dr Nicole Crawford*
  Building year 1 medial student relationships in primary care clinical placements
Miss Bridget Dijkmans-Hadley*, Dr Kylie Mansfield, Dr Judy Mullan
  Connecting with physiology: Using LabTutor® to engage student learning in different disciplines
Ms Tracy Douglas*, Dr Cecilia Shing, Ms Susan Salter, Ms Mandhi Allen, Ms Laura Maddock, Dr James Fell
  Promoting and developing transnational education (TNE) leadership capability in the internationalised university: exploring a new online professional development resource.
Prof Shelley Yeo, Ms Veronica Goerke*, Dr Peter Ling, A/Prof Beena Giridharan, Prof Margaret Mazzolini, Ms Gillian Lueckenhausen
  Collective collaborations: connecting to design qualifications
Mr Robin Graham*, Ms Denise Holling*
  Academic Connections: Mentoring by academics in the UStart@UOW program
A/Prof Valerie Harwood*, A/Prof Pauline Lysaght, Dr Sarah O'Shea, Dr Julie Kiggins, Dr Michelle Eady
  QUT Media Warehouse: enabling rich and creative connections
Ms Kim Hauville*, Ms Ellen Thompson*
  Investigating peer connections across ethnic diversity at University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), East Coast of Malaysia
Isma Rosila Ismail*
  Making Connections Visible: developing Faculty Graduate Capability Standards to drive curriculum renewal
A/Prof Elizabeth Johnson*, Martin Fussell, Andrew Frampton, Dr Sylvia Grommen, Dr Pam Hurst, Dr Judith Lyons, Melanie Murphy, Robert Ross
  Learning strategies for clinical skill acquisition in undergraduate exercise science students
Dr Nathan Johnson*, Vivienne Chuter, Kieron Rooney
  Facilitating student engagement in group work: can an online tool assist?
Prof Sandra Jones*, Dr Jacinta Ryan, Mr Ian Woodruff
  Learning and teaching together: Benefits of an Interprofessional First Year Curriculum for enhancing interdisciplinary connections for staff and students
Dr Melissa Davis, A/Prof Sue Jones*, Ms Margo Brewer
  Responding to your voice: Sustaining and enhancing peer connections at the University of New England
A/Prof Penny Paliadelis, Mr Frank Leayr, Dr Gudrun Dieberg, Mr Mark Haydon, Mr Mark Kneen*, Mr Peter Enlund
  Case based learning with live patients - engaging students and community for effective learning.
Dr Kylie Mansfield*, Dr Sal Sanzone, A/Prof Lyndal Parker-Newlyn, Prof John Bushnell
  The survey as conversation: qualitative pre-testing methods to improve quality
Ms Cathryn McCormack*
  Building capacities to enhance critical writing skills of first year international RHD students in the Social Sciences
A/Prof Karen Moni*
  Increasing medical students' capacity to practice evidence-based medicine through improving student participation and interest in Journal Club.
Dr Warren Rich, Dr Judy Mullan*, Dr Kathryn Weston, Prof Peter McLennan
  Establishing a Community of Practicing in Education for Sustainability at University of Tasmania
Ms Sandra Murray*
  A longitudinal study of the development and refinement of student self regulatory strategies
Mrs Nayadin Persaud*
  Connecting for creativity: A model for enhancing creativity in higher education
Mr John Rae*
  Realising Learning and Teaching Quality: Lessons from an Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia
Mr Muhammad Nur Akbar Rasyid*, Prof Janice Orrell, Prof Robert Conway
  Connecting with curriculum renewal via 'natural mapping'
Ms Kylie Readman*, Ms Theresa Ashford
  Enriching Unit Coordinators community connections and support through a dedicated website
Dr Susan Roberts*, Dr Coral Pepper*
  Business Expectations of MBAs - A failure to Connect?
Dr Chris Booth, Dr Michael Segon*
  What is the student experience of the Archaeology benchmarking statements and how does it match with the expectations of employers and academics?
Ms Karen Sheppard*, Ms Deanne Gannaway, Dr. Andrew Fairbairn
  Recognising Teaching Excellence through the Peer Professional Learning Program for Awards
Dr Jane Skalicky*, Ms Melody West*, A/Prof Sharon Fraser, Prof Sue Jones, A/Prof Justin Walls, Prof Brian Yates
  Connecting with peers through group work
Mrs Bernadette Smith*
  How accounting students connect with learning resources in a blended environment
Mrs Bernadette Smith*, Mrs Patricia O'Keefe*, Dr Jane Rienks
  Improving understanding by using analogy in posters to connect chemistry to other disciplines
Mrs Moira Cordiner, Dr Susan Turland*
  Evaluating the Promoting Excellence Initiative Networks: Approaches and Challenges
The NSW/ACT Promoting Excellence Initiative Network (Katrina Waite*)
  Education for Sustainability - Building a community of practice
Prof Suzanne Benn, Dr Melissa Edwards, Dr Tamsin Angus-Leppan, Katrina Waite*
  Capturing the connections: graduate attributes, institution-wide curricula change and student success
Dr Caroline Walker*, Prof Elizabeth Davenport*
  Creating success by connecting with students through online discussion and blended delivery
A/Prof Margaret Wallace*, Ms Chris Brewer
  Academic Integrity Standards - Policy and Practice: Discovering the views of students, staff and management
Ms Ursula McGowan, A/Prof Margaret Wallace*
  Novel digital food photos resource enhances knowledge of nutrition and dietetics students
Dr Karen Walton*, Ms Anne McMahon, Ms Chris Brewer, Ms Joanna Baker, Ms Janaye Fish, Ms Fiona Manning, Ms Sara Grafenauer, Ms Meredith Kennedy, Ms Yasmine Probst
  Promoting peer connections through reciprocal peer teaching & learning and near-peer teaching in an anatomy laboratory setting
Dr Derek Choi-Lundberg, Dr Anne-Marie Williams*
  Student Engagement Data: Implications for Educational Development at a Rural University in South Africa
A/Prof Christine Woods*
  Strategies that Make a Difference for Students to Connect with Tertiary Study
Ms Leanne Yard*, Ms Felicity Orme