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Poster Template

Poster submissions will be evidence-based and should outline the background/context and outcomes. Posters allow participants with similar interests to interact by using the poster as a discussion point.  Please note that presentations accepted in this category are not considered refereed papers.

Proposals are to be submitted as a 250 word abstract plus further information on how the proposal fits the conference theme (up to 250 words). Please ensure that you use the Poster template and follow the Formatting Guidelines.

The abstract should address the following:

1. Background/context
2. Research/evaluation method
3. Outcomes
4. Conference theme(s) addressed

Abstracts will be evaluated by the Conference Organising Committee.  Abstracts for posters will be reviewed against the criteria of originality, quality, relevance and standard of writing/presentation.

Posters will be available for viewing for the duration of the conference.  An interactive poster viewing session will be held for authors to discuss their poster with other delegates. If your abstract is accepted, please follow the Guidelines for Poster Presentations when preparing your poster for the conference.

All accepted abstracts will be placed on the HERDSA website.