Provisional Program

Please note that session and function times may change in the final program. Please check this page regularly.
® Indicates a full refereed paper presentation.
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Saturday 30 June 2012
1200 - 1700 Executive Meeting, Chancellor Room 5; Hotel Grand Chancellor

Sunday 1 July 2012
0900 - 1700 Executive Meeting, Chancellor Room 5; Hotel Grand Chancellor


Monday 2 July 2012
0900 - 1600 Pre-Conference Workshops
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Chancellor Room 6
0900 - 1200 Creating Connections That Matter: A Workshop for Early Career Academics (and anyone who works with ECAs)

Dr Kathryn Sutherland*
Stumbling blocks or stepping stones? Talking about Transition

Prof Liz McKinley*, Dr Irena Madjar*
Providing Effective Feedback for Student Learning

Dr Iris Vardi*
Communities of Practice leadership roles and activities that create and sustain peer connections

A/Prof Jacquelin McDonald*, Dr Cassandra Star*, Mr Tony Burch, Prof Milton Cox,
A/ Prof Judy Nagy
1000 - 1200 Additional Workshop (Hunter Street)
Writing Scholarly Book Reviews in Higher Education
Barbara Grant*, Mark Barrow*
1200 - 1900 Registration Opens
1200 Lunch (by own arrangement)
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Chancellor Room 6
1300 - 1600

Increasing your research productivity and impact

Prof Shelda Debowski

Making time at HERDSA 2012 to TATAL (Talk about Teaching and Learning): A pre-conference workshop and three in-conference sessions

Dr Coralie McCormack*, Mr Robert Kennelly*, Mr John Gilchrist*, Dr Jesmin Islam*, Dr Lee Partridge*

Experiencing and evaluating an inquiry-oriented activity: How was it for you?

A/Prof Les Kirkup*, Ms Katrina Waite*, Ms Jenny Pizzica, Ms Andrea Mears
Peer learning for the next decade

Dr Jacques Van Der Meer*, Dr Jane Skalicky*
1700 - 1720 Conference Welcome
Dr Natalie Brown and Prof Sue Jones; HERDSA 2012 Conference Co-Convenors
W/Prof Shelda Debowksi - HERDSA President
Dr Allan Goody -
HERDSA Executive
1720 - 1740 Welcome Presentation
Prof David Rich - Provost, Univeristy of Tasmania
1740 - 1800 "Save the Tasmanian Devil" Program
Andrew Sharman - Project Manager
1800 - 1900 Welcome Reception
Mezzanine Level; Hotel Grand Chancellor


Tuesday 3 July 2012
0700 Registration Opens
0730 - 0845 New Members Breakfast
Harbour View Room 1
HERD Associate Editors Breakfast
Tasman Restaurant; Hotel Grand Chancellor
0900 - 0930 Official Conference Opening (please be seated by 0855 for the arrival of His Excellency)
Welcome to Country - Leonie Dickson
Official Welcome - His Excellency, The Honourable Peter Underwood, AC, Governor of Tasmania
0930 - 1030 Keynote Presentation
Cultivating connections throughout the academe: Learning to teach by learning to learn
Dr Kathy Takayama
1030 - 1100 Morning Tea and Exhibition
1100 - 1230 Concurrent Session 1

Session sponsored by beyond blue
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Chancellor Room 6
1100 - 1130 An overview of relational studies of university teaching: connecting teaching and learning
Prof Keith Trigwell*, Prof Michael Prosser*
A bridge less far: facilitating university success for students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds
Prof Marcia Devlin, Prof Sally Kift, Prof Karen Nelson, Ms Liz Smith, Dr Jade McKay*, Ms Juliana Ryan*
Integrating teaching, learning, support, and wellbeing
Dr Helen Stallman*
Making connections in a time of disaster: dealing with the Christchurch earthquake
Mr Martin Jenkins*, Dr Selena Chan
1130 - 1200 The top 50 most influential
Prof Yoni Ryan*
Reading Abilities of Undergraduate Students: A Study of the Suitability of Prescribed Texts
Miss Alexandra Shorter*, Dr Joanne Arciuli
Peer Assisted Teaching Scheme - A way of creating, sustaining and developing new connections ®
A/Prof Angela Carbone*



Connecting with the African-Student Diaspora in Australian Higher Education ®
Ms Dale Wache*, Dr Carole Zufferey
1200 - 1230 Situational Learnership Model: a truly learner-centred approach to teaching and learning
Prof Barbara Dexter*
Imagining University Education: Unseen barriers for disadvantaged young people
A/Prof Valerie Harwood*
Connecting quality learning and teaching with sessional staff standards: the BLASST project
Dr Marina Harvey*, Dr Karina Luzia, Dr Natalie Brown,
A/ Prof Coralie McCormack,
A/ Prof Jo McKenzie, Dr Nicola Parker
The mulitdimensional framework for embedded academic skills development
Dr Sophie Goldingay, Ms Juliana Ryan*, Ms Greer Lamaro, Ms Danielle Hitch, Ms Norah Hosken, Ms Susie Macfarlane, Me Dennis Farrugia, Ms Claire Nihill
Chancellor Room 4
Chancellor Room 5
Harbour View Room 1
Harbour View Room 2
1100 - 1130 Disciplines Setting Standards: the Science Standards Statement as a "boundary object" for science higher education
Dr Jo-Anne Kelder, Prof Susan M Jones*, Prof Brian F Yates
Multiple-choice questionnaires and the success of law students: results of a preliminary evaluation ®
Dr Jeremy Prichard*
Connecting language and learning: re-integrating academic and language/learning development
Dr Alisa Percy*
Got GAME? Learning through play in Information Systems I
Dr Chad Habel*, Dr Edward Palmer, Dr Cate Jerram
1130 - 1200 The ACDS Centre for Teaching and Learning: a national approach to excellence for science and maths
A/Prof Elizabeth Johnson*
Understanding connections between personal epistemologies and beliefs about learning for student success: Changes throughout Bachelor of Education course
A/Prof Jo Brownlee*, A/Prof Sue Walker, Dr Beryl Exley, Dr Annette Woods
Remedial or leading to student success? The tertiary individual tutorial revisited
Dr Marion Blumenstein*, Dr Hamish Cowan*
Parlez-vous francais? Peer academic mentoring program for tertiary students of French
Dr Kerry Mullan*
1200 - 1230 SaMnet: Enabling Academics to Manage Upward
A/Prof Manjula Sharma, A/Prof Will Rifkin*, Ms Stephanie Beames, A/Prof Elizabeth Johnson*, A/Prof Cristina Varsavsky, Prof Susan Jones, Prof Brian Yates, A/Prof Mario Zadnik, Dr Andrea Crampton, Dr Kelly Matthews, A/Prof Simon Pyke
Outcomes and evaluations: Is there a relationship between indicators of student success and student evaluations of learning? ®
Mrs Beatrice Tucker*, Ms Julie-Ann Pegden*, Mr Jon Yorke
The University and Its Disconnects
Dr Stanley Frielick*
Connecting with community and industry in contemporary music higher education
Dr Annie Mitchell*
1230 - 1330 Lunch and Exhibition
HERDSA Branches Lunch - Harbour View Room 1 (must finish by 13.15)
1330 - 1500 TATAL 2
Hunter Street
1330 - 1500 Concurrent Session 2
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Chancellor Room 6
1330 - 1400 From enabling to evaluating leadership in learning and teaching in Higher Education: a Criterion based approach
Prof Sandra Jones*, Dr Kevin Ryland, Dr Marina Harvey, Prof Roger Hadgraft, A/Prof Geraldine Lefoe
Enabling factors for successful first-year student learning
Dr Venicia McGhie*
Evaluation of the effectiveness of Communities of Practice in enhancing learning and teaching: A pilot
study at an Australian regional university

A/Prof Peter Reaburn*, Ms Robyn Donovan, A/Prof Jacquie McDonald
What's in their baggage?: A snapshot of Australian students preparing to study overseas
Dr Wendy Green*, Dr Maryam Jamerani, Ms Deanne Gannaway, Ms Karen Sheppard*
1400 - 1430 Learning leadership in Higher Education - the big and small actions of many people
A/Prof Merilyn Childs*, Prof Mike Keppell, A/Prof Mark Brown, Ms
Carole Hunter, Ms Natasha Hard*, Ms Helen Hughes
Students from low SES backgrounds: Pedagogical challenges and opportunities
Dr Glyn Thomas*
DART: Making connections for student success in an online higher education
A/Prof Jill Lawrence*, Prof Lorelle Burton, A/Prof Jane Summers, A/Prof Peter Gibbings, A/Prof Karen
Intercultural interactions in university tutorials: A Bourdieusian analysis. ®
Ms Cassandra Colvin*, Prof Farida Fozdar, Prof Simone Volet
1430 - 1500 Toward a sustainable culture of peer partnership
Dr Alan Barnard*, Prof Robyn Nash*, Dr Suzanne Rochester, Dr Cheryl Waters, Dr Susan Bolt,
A/Prof Kathleen McEvoy, Dr Carol Thorogood, Dr Susan Shannon
Understanding expectations of 1st year medical students on primary care clinical placements
Miss Bridget Dijkmans-Hadley*, Dr Kylie Mansfield, Dr Judy Mullan
Digital communities of practice: creating and sustaining peer connections in higher education
A/Prof Jacquelin McDonald*, Dr Shirley Reushle
Enhancing Intercultural Competence among Pharmacy Students through the ExcelL Program ®
Mr Satish Maganlal*, Mrs Ruth Hills, Ms Sara McMillan, Prof Michelle Barker, Mrs Naomi Blauberg
Chancellor Room 4
Chancellor Room 5
Harbour View Room 1
Harbour View Room 2
1330 - 1400 Brokering innovative fieldwork: Improving student outcomes through academic leadership capacity building
A/Prof Sue Jones *, Prof Richard Ladyshewsky, A/Prof Megan Smith, Dr Franziska Trede, Dr Helen Flavell
Graduate employability: interpretation and expectation ®
Mrs Thi Tuyet (June) Tran*
Plagiarism across the academic disciplines ®
Prof Craig Zimitat*
Industry educators' perceptions of student outcomes arising from Team-Based Learning
Mrs Elizabeth Oldland*, A/Prof Judy Currey, Mr David Glanville, Dr Ian Story
1400 - 1430 Student and staff perceptions of fieldwork experiences: Assessing authentic learning ®
Ms Sonia Ferns*, Ms Julie Pegden*
A Snapshot of Capstone Courses in Australian Business Schools
Dr Liz van Acker*, A/Prof Janis Bailey, A/Prof Erica French, Prof keithia Wilson
Developing the University of Wollongong approach to academic integrity education
A/Prof Margaret Wallace*, Ms Lynda Cooper, Dr Ruth Walker
Connecting expectations with reality for student success: dealing with the difficulties of School to University transition
Mrs Katie Livesy*, Dr Andrea Jackson
1430 - 1500 Assessment of Mechanical Engineering Final Year Projects Using Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Utility Theory ®
Dr Chensong Dong*
Virtual world interview skills training for Health Professionals
Dr Andrew Campbell*, Dr Melanie Nguyen*, Dr Krestina Amon
Using 'core academic literacy' course results to create a profile for potentially 'at risk' students ®
A/Prof Keith McNaught*, Dr Fleur McIntyre
The emergence of "I", "you" and "us" identities for, in and through work placements ®
Dr Kathy Henschke*
1500 - 1530 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition
1530 - 1630 Concurrent Session 3
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Chancellor Room 6
1530 - 1600 Undergraduate students' experience of research: findings from a cross-disciplinary analysis of students' perceptions ®
Ms Rioghnach Lee*, Dr Paula Myatt*, Gordon Joughin
Connecting Postgraduate Coursework Students' Experiences of Research Learning with Success
Dr Nicola Parker
The Connection of Reflective Practice to Management Competency through a Business Simulation ®
Dr Michael Segon*, Dr Chris Booth
A model promoting conceptual change in higher education - an integrated approach ®
Dr Thomas Olsson*, Mr Torgny Roxå
1600 - 1630 Connecting students across continents: Building a network for undergraduate researchers
Dr Lee Partridge*, A/Prof Rachel Spronken-Smith, Prof Sally Sandover, Dr Liz Burd, Dr Vicki
Investigating teaching and learning professional development wth co-teachers in transnational education
Dr Lynne Keevers*, Ms Fauziah Kp Dawood Sultan, Dr Sumitha Ganesharatnam, Ms Jane Jane See Lin Lim, Mr Vin Cent Loh, Prof Barry Harper, A/Prof Geraldine Lefoe
Connecting research with carnival: Developing critical business education through reflective writing ®
Dr Vikki Pollard*
Connecting theory and practice: Exploring the use of personal experiences in programme design ®
Dr Elly Govers*
Chancellor Room 4
Chancellor Room 5
Harbour View Room 1
Harbour View Room 2
1530 - 1600 Police students and law students: an analysis of learning styles, study models and student success
Dr Jeremy Prichard, A/Prof Roberta Julian*, Romy Winter, Rick Snell
HERDSA Fellows Workshop
(1515 - 1645)
Reflective connections in an undergraduate architecture program ®
Ms Jane Grellier*, Ms Lara Mackintosh
Demonstrating connections between clinical and scientific knowledge sets medical students up for success
Dr Kylie Mansfield*, Dr Sal Sanzone, A/Prof Lyndal Parker-Newlyn, Prof John Bushnell
1600 - 1630 Learning from our elders: the role Graduate Women Victoria in mentoring professional women
Dr Madeleine Laming*, Dr Jacqueline Wilson, Professor Emerita Marian Quartly
Connecting scientists and students: personal narrative breaks down stereotypes and builds understanding
Dr Susan Rowland*, Dr John Harrison
Supporting and promoting reflective thinking processes in an undergraduate Medical Imaging program ®
Mrs Sharon Maresse*, A/ Prof Jan McKay, Mrs Jane Grellier
1800 - 1900 Government House Reception
Please assemble in the Hotel Grand Chancellor foyer at 1730; coaches will depart for Government House at 1745 sharp.
1930 Fellows Dinner
Mures Upper Deck


Wednesday 4 July 2012
0730 - 0845 Branch Chairs Breakfast
Tasman Restaurant; Hotel Grand Chancellor
0800 Registration Opens
0900 - 1000 Concurrent Session 4

Session sponsored by DEHub
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Chancellor Room 6
0900 - 0930 Interdisciplinary threshold concepts in engineering ®
Dr Sally Male, Dr Andrew Guzzomi*, W/Prof Caroline Baillie
Using written feedback to effectively feed forward
Dr Iris Vardi*
Course evaluation: does student feedback improve future teaching?
Dr Kathelijne Lefevere*
How do we connect and engage students, learning in a distance mode, to develop verbal communication skills? ®
Prof Ieva Stupans*, Ms Lindy Orwin
0930 - 1000 The potency of interdisciplinary collaboration to empower constructive dissenters ®
Ms Christine Symons, Dr Leslie Almberg*, Mr Elson Goh, Ms Judy McGowan*
Student learning depends on what students do with feedback
A/Prof Pauline Ross*
Fostering connections for student success: Using Appreciative Inquiry to promote positive growth in a
university course

Dr Jeanne Allen*, Ms Maureen Innes*
A case study on providing international students the opportunity to enhance performance through online
engagement ®

Dr Robert Joseph Gill*, Dr Elena Verezub, Ms Xinyang Wang
Chancellor Room 4
Chancellor Room 5
Harbour View Room 1
Harbour View Room 2
0900 - 0930 Making connections: Friendship as the essential ingredient between thriving and just surviving for first year students
Dr Sharron King*, Dr Robyne Garrett, Dr Alison Wrench, Ms Amanda Richardson
How do we know if our teacher preparation programs are achieving their intended outcomes?
Dr Di Gardiner*, Ms Veronica Goerke*, Prof Denise Chalmers, Prof Sue Stoney, Dr Allan Goody
Engaging the tri-city culture of an international Australian university through BA students
Dr Anita Lundberg*, Dr Wendy Li, Ms Rhian Morgan, Ms Helen Hooper, Dr Beth Tinning, Dr Victoria
Kuttainen, A/Prof Richard Lansdown, Mr Peter Hanley
Academic Expatriation: an investigation into the importance of connections when entering expatriate life ®
Dr Kay Sanderson*
0930 - 1000 Pastoral Care in the Contemporary University: Notes Toward a Cohesive Approach
Dr Victoria Kuttainen*, Ms Jennifer Burnett
Overcoming the challenges of assessing professional teaching standards during practicum
Dr Les Vozzo*, Caroline Hatton
Increasing internationalisation and inter-cultural skills through multiple active learning intervention strategies
Mrs Gesa Ruge*, Dr Jesmin Islam, Professor Anne Daly, Professor Anita Mak
Social ties as key knowledge transfer agents between Indonesian and Australian universities: Perspectives from an Indonesian university ®
Mr Agustian Sutrisno*, Ms Lisana Lisana, Prof Hitendra Pillay
1000 - 1100 Morning Tea and Connections Cafe, Federation Ballroom
Promoting Excellence Network Roundtable, Federation Ballroom
TATAL 3 - Chancellor Room 6
1100 - 1230 Concurrent Session 5

Session sponsored by NTEU
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Chancellor Room 6
1100 - 1130 Apples vs. Kiwifruit: The NSSE, the AUSSE, and the challenges with comparing national vs. international university student engagement metrics
Dr Keith Comer*, Dr Erik Brogt*
Building Research Capacity: A fresh look at development models and strategies
Prof Shelda Debowski*
The NAME Four Factor Model for Engaging Students in Academic Support Services ®
A/Prof Keith McNaught, Mrs Liz Beal*
Using web-enhanced learning to connect with learners: Student perceptions ®
A/Prof Karen Flowers, Ms Natalie Gamble, Dr Monica Nebauer*, A/Prof Thomas Harding, A/ Prof Paula Schulz
1130 - 1200 A blind spot in higher education research? A call for the explicit use of qualitative survey validation methods ®
Ms Cathryn McCormack*
How Universities Connect Education and Research
Prof Lawrence Cram*
Student engagement: What is stopping our international students from getting it? ®
Ms Katerina Stratilas*, Ms Jackie Yong
Development of the Massey University On-line Course Evaluation Instrument
Mr Malcolm Rees*
1200 - 1230 Student evaluations of teaching: Perceptions determining teacher behaviours
Dr Sarah Stein*, Jo Kennedy, Dr Trudy Harris, Stuart Terry, Lynley Deaker, Dorothy Spiller
Understanding academic identity conflicts in the public university: importance of work ideologies ®
Dr Richard Winter, Dr Wayne O'Donohue*
Understanding and promoting student engagement in geography, earth and environmental science learning communities in the UK
Dr Andrea Jackson*, Mrs Katie Livesey
Investigating university students' self-efficacy in a learner-controlled online learning environment
Mrs Widchaporn Taipjutorus*, Dr Sally Hansen, Prof Mark Brown
Chancellor Room 4
Chancellor Room 5
Harbour View Room 1
Harbour View Room 2
1100 - 1130 Interprofessional Learning in a Blended Learning Environment: Rhetoric, Reality and Opportunity
Prof Craig Zimitat, Ms Ellen Ennever, Dr Rosalind Bull, Dr Margeurite Bramble, A/Prof Justin Walls*
Creating connections between teaching and campus operations for authentic learning
Dr Emma Pharo*, Corey Peterson, Rowena Zwart
Connections through dis-identifications: the use of Cultural and Political Vignettes (CPVs) in teacher education ®
Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter*
1130 - 1200 Students, faculty and local community health professionals learning together ®
Penny Paliadelis*, Prof Ieva Stupans, Linda Turner, Maree Puxty, Anthea Fagan, Jackie Lea
Bridging the divide: generating dynamic university wide library-faculty connections to enable the explicit development of students' research skills
Ms Lyn Torres*, Ms Leanne McCann*, Dr Glen Croy*, Dr Susan Mayson*
Developing cultural competence: Creating connections with Indigenous learners using a culturally responsive pedagogy
Dr Deb Clarke*, Mr Matthew Winslade, Ms Linda Ward
The HERDSA Fellowship scheme: Connections in professional learning
Dr Glyn Thomas*, Prof Susan Jones*, A/Prof Coralie McCormack*
1200 - 1230 Identifying student engagement challenges in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Dr Dominique Parrish, Dr Karen Walton*, Dr Gerard Stoyles, A/Prof Patrea Andersen, Ms Alison Bell, Mr David Kampers, Ms Lauren Rush
Connecting the disconnected: Addressing challenges with connecting members through technology in a teaching community of practice
Aaron Ruutz*, Luke Houghton, Wendy Green*, Ray Hibbins
Connecting Indigenous secondary students with higher education: an aspiration building residential program respecting and valuing Indigenous knowledge and culture
Dr Nerilee Flint*
1230 - 1330 Lunch and Exhibition
HERDSA AGM, Harbour View Room 1
1330 - 1415 Keynote Presentation
A view from the centre: Reflections on student centred learning
Mr Jarrod Green
1415 - 1420 Introduction to Provocations
1420 - 1440 Session Change and Exhibition
1440 - 1610 Provocations
Afternoon Tea will be available during Provocations.
  Provocation 1
Grand Ballroom 1
Provocation 2
Grand Ballroom 2
Provocation 3
Grand Ballroom 3
Provocation 4
Harbour View Room 1

Connecting disciplines in Higher Education

Students are expected to
engage in different disciplines
but do academic staff
successfully work across
• Solving 21st Century
problems will require
students to work across
disciplines. How well do
we prepare our graduates
to develop disciplinary
expertise and the ability
to work across disciplines?
• Should you develop
an expertise in one
discipline before becoming
• How prepared (and
supported) are academic
staff to work across
• Are current higher
education structures
perpetuating divisions
between disciplines?

Connections for student success

Student Success as defi ned
by Kuh, Kinzie, Buckley,
Bridges, & Hayek (2007)
is 'academic achievement,
engagement in educationally
purposeful activities,
satisfaction, acquisition of
desired knowledge, skills and
competencies, persistence,
and attainment of educational
objectives.' (p. vii)
Will the move to reporting
against teaching and learning
standards compromise the
ability of tertiary institutions
to ensure student success?
• How do we know that
the teaching and learning
standards currently being
developed will apply to
student success?
• Will reporting against
standards limit academic
creativity and uniqueness
of courses and programs?
• How confi dent are we
that the measures will
provide evidence against
the standards?

Connecting with learning and teaching with research

Should the Scholarship of
Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
be promoted and supported
by higher education
institutions as valid and
legitimate research activity?
• What are the benefi ts
(micro and macro level)
to be gained from
engaging in SoTL?
• What are some of the
challenges inherent for
academics in pursuing
• Should SoTL be a
fundamental activity
required of all teaching

Connecting with our communities

Community engagement is increasingly gaining importance as a strategic priority of tertiary institutions.  In many, it sits alongside teaching and research as a pillar of strategic planning.  Just as the sector has welcomed debate on the teaching-research nexus, do we now need to open the discussion about the teaching –community engagement nexus to encourage adoption by teaching academics and buy-in from our communities?
• How is community engagement being reflected in learning and teaching at our institutions? Is this leading to enhanced learning outcomes, for our students and for our staff?
• On whose terms is the community being engaged?  How can we ensure that engagement is genuinely meeting the needs of all parties? 
• How sustainable are community engagement partnerships in learning and teaching as the goals and priorities of parties change?

1830 - 1930 Interactive Poster Viewing Session; incorporating Conference Pre-Dinner Drinks
1930 - 2400 Conference Dinner
Federation Ballroom


Thursday 5 July 2012
0700 - 0830 TATAL 4
Harbour View Room 1
0800 Registration Opens
0900 - 1030 Concurrent Session 6
Grand Ballroom 1
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Harbour View Room 1
Harbour View Room 2
0900 - 0930 Implementing a process for measuring student support in the Faculty of Health Science
Prof Craig Zimitat, Dr Sara Booth*, A/Prof Justin Walls, Ms Ellen Ennever, Ms Joanne Kelder
Establishing a regional enabling pilot programme through university-community engagement ®
A/Prof Michele Fleming*, Ms Barbara Cram*, Ms Glenys London, Prof Carole Kayrooz
Education for Sustainability across the curriculum: engaging the disciplines at UTAS
Dr Aidan Davison*
From the Classroom to the Community
Eve De Silva*, Mike McCall
It's not a lonely journey when PhD students have connections and support
Dr Helen Cameron*
0930 - 1000 How can I tell if I am assessing graduate learning outcomes appropriately?
Prof Geoffrey Crisp*, A/Prof Simon Barrie, Dr Clair Hughes, Ms Anne Bennison
Why is it important for Higher education to connect with the VET sector? ®
A/Prof Anne Langworthy, Dr Susan Johns*
Collaborative exchanges with museums to engage Humanities and Education students in experiential learning and citizenship
Dr Karen Charman*, Dr Effy George
A stakeholder perspective on informal university-school/community partnerships
Ms Joanna Brown*
'Not all academics can do it': The haunted spaces of post-colonial supervision
A/Prof Barbara M. Grant*
1000 - 1030 Harmonising health professional accreditation and higher education quality assurance by identifying common graduate learning outcomes
Prof Maree O'Keefe*, Prof Amanda Henderson, Dr Rachael Pitt
Building Community, educational attainment and university aspirations through University-School Mentoring Partnerships ®
Dr Karma Pearce*
Fostering capabilities in higher education: creativity and the role of transdisciplinary academics
Ms Teresa Swirski*
A creative approach to connecting reflection to learning for commencing tertiary students
Mrs Michelle Cunningham Fox*, Mrs Josephine Healy*
TATAL participants speak out about connections that enhance learning and teaching
Dr Jesmin Islam*, Mr John Gilchrist*, Mr Robert Kennelly*, Dr Coralie McCormack*, Mr Stuart Ferguson, Dr Eleanor Hancock
1030 - 1100 Morning Tea and Exhibition
1100 - 1130 HERDSA President's Address
W/Prof Shelda Debowski
1130 - 1215 Keynote Presentation
Connecting with the Other: Some ideas on why Black America likes to sing Bob Dylan
Prof Liz McKinley
1215 - 1240 Suzi Hewlett; General Manager Office for Learning and Teaching
1240 - 1250 Handover to HERDSA 2013
Dr Stanley Frielick; HERDSA 2013 Convenor
1250 - 1300 Conference Close
Dr Natalie Brown and Prof Sue Jones; HERDSA 2012 Co-Convenors
1300 - 1500 Executive Meeting, Harbour View Room 2