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The HERDSA 2013 conference will be held in the new WG learning precinct at AUT University in Auckland.  The new WG precinct is a key development at AUT, incorporating the latest thinking in learning space design and specialist facilities for teaching and learning across a range of disciplines.

Located at the corner of Mayoral Drive and Governor Fitzroy Place at AUT University City Campus, this extensive complex includes a 12-floor tower, a plaza, glass atrium, and a green quad.



A major gateway to AUT University
Creating linkages between key buildings on the City Campus, the new precinct will be a major gateway to AUT. Providing an additional 20,000 square metres of new facilities, it will increase the campus by 25%.

Designed for contemporary learning
All lobbies and break-out spaces have been designed as collaborative social study areas, with a range of furniture types to cater for multiple ways of learning.

The link between space, technology and the process of teaching has been carefully considered in the design and choice of technology.

High-efficiency heating and air-conditioning, low-energy lighting and long-life materials also contribute to the visionary design and function of the buildings.

Linked to business and law, hospitality and tourism buildings
The precinct will complete AUT’s Mayoral Drive frontage by linking to the Faculty of Business and Law building, and the tourism and hospitality building. Governor Fitzroy Place will primarily become a pedestrian area with an open public plaza.

Housing a world-class communications school
The precinct will house specialist facilities for AUT’s School of Communication Studies, including a screen and television studio, motion capture and chroma key studio, performance studio, radio station, sound and edit suites, digital media computer labs, and a brand new media centre.

The media centre will bring all communication studies programmes together under one roof, including advertising, digital media, journalism, public relations, radio and television.

To adapt to the changing needs of our students and advancements in technology, and to make the most of the new facilities, the curriculum for the School of Communication Studies will be modified from 2013.

Key features of the new precinct

Level 1: Loading dock and workshop, with some additional space for services

Level 1.5: Entrance to Mayoral Drive, a glass-walled lecture theatre, collaborated social learning space, lobby area and reception/exhibition space

Level 2: A large forum, with access to the WA conference room (and the remainder of WA Level 2), screen, performance, digital media, and audio studios

Level 3: Access to Governor Fitzroy Place, entry to AUT's largest lecture theatre (up to 380 students), lobby area, collaborative social learning spaces, radio station studio, student kitchen, public cafe, different size studios

Level 4: Entry to the large lecture theatre, collaborative social learning spaces, bridge access to WA Level 4 (library), case room, a green quad

Level 5: Media centre, multiple collaborative social learning spaces

Levels 6-11: Teaching and classrooms

Level 12: Office space

Opening date
Semester 1, 2013