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The HERDSA NZ Conference Committee warmly invites you to submit proposals for HERDSA 2013 under the overarching conference theme of The Place of Learning and Teaching.  Across the world, institutions are investing large sums of money in new learning spaces – both physical and virtual – in efforts to attract students, maintain relevance, and build distinctive institutional identities.  But with all the focus on spaces, we may be losing sight of the importance of place in learning and teaching.  After all, a campus is the quintessential place of learning – a place for contemplation, conversation, reflection, and creating and disseminating knowledge.  What does it mean to be in this place?

The 2013 conference invites delegates to dwell on the idea of place, in many different meanings and contexts, through consideration of the following three sub-themes:

1. Spaces and places

  • How do we ensure that the spaces of learning become places of learning? What strategies, approaches and policies can support this?

  • What is the student experience of place – formal learning spaces, informal spaces, social and living space, transport, balancing work and learning in different places?

  • What is the relationship between physical and virtual spaces in relation to learning – is cyberspace a place for learning?

2. Pedagogy and curriculum

  • To what extent are teachers adequately placed to confront the challenges of learning about new spaces, tools and pedagogies?

  • What is the place of assessment in learning and teaching?

  • As learning and accreditation increasingly takes place in a variety of settings outside the institution, what is the place of the formal curriculum?

3. Research and policy

  • How is teaching placed in relation to other demands and priorities – such as research, entrepreneurial activity, administration, leadership and management?

  • What is the place of higher education research in relation to institutional innovation and strategic planning for learning and teaching?

All submissions should relate to the broad theme of the place of learning and teaching and address one or more of the above sub-themes.

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Please check "Guidelines" page before submitting a proposal.

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