General Information




All proposals are to be submitted via the HERDSA 2013 Online Portal.  The closing date for all submissions is 22 February 2013, 11.55 pm New Zealand Daylight Saving Time. All submissions includes both Full Refereed Papers and abstracts for Showcase Presentations and Posters. There will be NO extension to this date.

Submissions are accepted on the basis that at least one presenter must register and attend the conference. Any registrant may be the principal presenter for a maximum of two presentations; one full paper or showcase, and one poster. Co-presenters are allowed, but they must be registered as a minimum for the day of their presentation if they wish to present. Where there are multiple presenters it is important the presentation time is strictly adhered to so enough time is available for discussion.

Contributions should be original, comply with copyright law, be submitted on the correct template and reflect the Formatting Guidelines relating to format and presentation.

Submission Formats

Pre-conference Workshops

Please note that as for 2012 the pre-conference workshops will be by invitation rather than a submitted proposal.  The TATAL sessions [link to explanation of TATAL] offered in 2012 will again be included, along with workshops by invited local and international academics with particular expertise in one or more of the conference sub-themes.