Full Programe

Monday, 1 July 2013

 8:00 - 17:30

Registration (WG Level Two)

WG1 Presentation Space WG608 WG607

Making time at HERDSA 2013 to TATAL (Talk about Teaching and Learning)
John Gilchrist, Robert Kennelly, Coralie McCormack, Lee Partridge, Gesa Ruge, Stuart Schonell, Geoff Treloar.

Developing students’ critical thinking
Iris Vardi

Are you a strategic academic? Some tips for a successful career in academe
Shelda Debowski 

WG609 WG608 WG607

Work-Life Balance in Academia: Myths, Realities and Strategies
Kathryn Sutherland

Building Spaces and Creating Places? Aligning multiple agendas to deliver stronger learning outcomes.
Geoff Mitchell

Mobile Social Media – Productivity and presentation tools for the 21st century teacher.
Thom Cochrane, Vickel Narayan


Meeting and Workshop for HERDSA Fellows (by invitation) (WG606)
A meeting for Fellows, as well as a workshop on Mentoring within the HERDSA Fellowship Scheme to be facilitated by Cristina Poyatos Matas.  Afternoon tea will be provided.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

7:30 - 9:00

Branch Chairs' Breakfast (WG308 )


Registration (WG Level Two )

8:00 - 9:00

Tea, coffee and Milo on arrival (WG Level Two )

9:00 - 9:15

Opening address - Derek McCormack, Vice-Chancellor of AUT University (WG403)

9:15 -10:00

Keynote: Alison Phipps (WG403)                                                                                                                                              Alison Phipps presentation recording

10:00-10:45 Dialogical Space  (WG304 and then WG Levels 1 and 2)

Morning Tea (WG Level Two )

WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126 WG903

Work Integrated Learning
Impact Of Work-integrated Learning On Student Employment-readiness: Initial Findings From A National Study
Calvin Smith; Sonia Ferns; Leoni Russell; Patricia Cretchley

Student And Graduate Perceptions Of Preferred Places Of Learning: Getting The Balance Right
Sonia Ferns; Vaille Dawson

Reconstructing Places And Spaces In Blended Work Integrated Learning
Deborah Peach; Rafael Gomez; Elizabeth Ruinard

In Good Hands? Foresight And Strategic Thinking Capabilities Of Regional University Leaders
Lucas van der Laan; Ronel Erwee

Identifying The Place Of Distributed Leadership For Learning And Teaching In Higher Education
Sandra Jones; Marina Harvey; Geraldine Lefoe; Roger Hadgraft; Kevin Ryland

Fostering Distributed Leadership In University Teaching: A Case Study Of 100 Leaders Of Change
Manjula Sharma; Will Rifkin; Elizabeth Johnson; Cristina Varsavsky; Stephanie Beames; Simon Pyke; Andrea Crampton; Marjan Zadnik; Kelly Matthews; Susan Jones

Academic Development 1
Influence Of Size And Distribution Of Teaching Groups On Quality Characteristics
Eva Heinrich

Evaluation Of A Tutor Training Programme Through The Frame Of Activity Theory
Salochana Hassan

"i Have Space To Think And Reflect Rather Than Blindly Try To Improve" - Exploring New Pedagogies, Tools And Spaces
Bettina Schwenger

Academic Development 2
Creating A Place And Space To Build Research And Scholarship

Janine Tarr; Sally Farrington; Tracy Douglas

Building And Sustaining A Culture To Support Peer Review Of Teaching Alan Barnard; Robyn Nash; Kathleen McEvoy; Susan Shannon; Suzanne Rochester; Cheryl Waters; Susan Bolt; Carol Thorogood

Opening Up Spaces For Collegial, Collaborative Academic Development Practice Within A Strategic, Centrally Coordinated Team-based Support Model
Sara Hammer

Off Campus Learning
What Do ‘ Excellent Clinical Supervisors’ And ‘ Good Students’ Look Like In Clinical Outreach Settings?
Vivienne Anderson; Mary Furnari; Sonia Rapana; John Broughton

From Place To Place: A Comparative Study Of Three Models Of Workplace Formation For Theological Students Based At One CampusDarren Cronshaw; Andrew Menzies

The Curriculum In Workplace And Community Learning Places: It Is Over There!
Neil Haigh

Student Experience Stream
‘ Now I’m Here, What Should I Do?’: Exploring Student Use Of Time During The Transition To University

Amanda Richardson; Sharron King; Gaynor Parfitt; Belinda Chiera; Timothy Old

What Does It Take To Thrive In This Place?: An Exploration Of Students’ Experiences Of First Year UniversitySharron King; Robynne Garrett; Alison Wrench; Amanda Richardson

Otago Locals - Enhancing A Sense Of ‘ Place’
Stephen Scott; Angela McLean; Carole Scott

Technology Stream
The Role Of Gamification And Game-based Learning In Authentic Assessment Within Virtual Environments
Lincoln C. Wood; Hanna Teräs; Torsten Reiners

Creating Spaces To Play In Digital Learning
Mark O'Rourke

Wicked Issues: Higher Education Research, And Institutional Innovation For Learning And Teaching – A Reflection
Merilyn Childs; Mark Brown; Keppell Mike; Natasha Hard

Assessment and Curriculum Stream
Displacing Preconceptions And Replacing Capacities: Capitalising (on) Learning Places In An Australian University

Mike Danaher; Phyllida Coombes; Geoff Danaher; Patrick Danaher

Teaching ‘new Generation’ Students: Pedagogical Signposts To Show The Way.
Glyn Thomas

A Learning Place Where A High-risk Student Cohort Can Succeed: Curriculum, Assessment And Teacher Recruitment
Jo-Anne Kelder; Alison Canty; Andrea Carr; Jane Skalicky; Justin Walls; Andrew Robinson; James Vickers

Space Stream
Designing Learning Spaces In Higher Education: Meeting The Needs Of 21st Century LearnersDeb Clarke; Linda Ward

Changing Spaces Of Learning: A Case Study Of The Design Studio
Janne Morton

Transition By Design
Cathy Hall;
Tom Palaskas

Postgraduate Stream
From Another Place – Factors That Affect Doctoral Candidates And Their Supervisors In Cross-cultural Supervision
Theresa Winchester-Seeto; Judi Homewood; Jane Thogersen

Giving And Receiving Feedback In Hdr Supervision: Matches And Mismatches
Joelle Vandermensbrugghe; Elke Stracke; Theresa Winchester-Seeto; Sylvia Alston

The Challenge Of Supervision-mentorship – Whose Journey Is It?
Marion Jones; Jennie Billot; Madeline Banda; Nell Buissink-Smith

Ako Aotearoa Stream: Kaupapa Maori
Debating 'safe Haven' Versus 'institutional Reform'. Why Māori And Pacific Student's Need 'safe' Spaces To Achieve Tertiary Success In Health Professional Training.

Elana Curtis; Erena Wikaire

Hei Ara Ako Ki Te Oranga – Kaupapa Māori Wellbeing And Assessment Model For Māori Literacy LearnersJessica Hutchings; Bronwyn Yates; Peter Issacs

Building Kaupapa Maori Into Early Childhood EducationNgaroma Williams; Mary-Liz Broadley

Mid-Conference Workshop: Learning to Research in Higher Education

Tony Harland

This free workshop is open to all registered delegates but is particularly suited to people who are new (or feel new) to research in higher education.  There is no need to register for this workshop but be in quick as spaces will be limited on the day.

There is also a social gathering after the poster evening for any interested people new to higher education research or conferences in general. It will be held at Pizza Pizza, off campus, a few minutes walk down Queen St, it will be at your own expense but it is affordable dining. For more information on the menu and location: www.pizzapizza.co.nz

Rachel Sproken-Smith from the University of Otago will meet the group at 18:30 at the end of the poster session on Level 2 by the posters, or meet the group at the restaurant at 18:45. All new scholars are welcome, it will be a great chance to catch up at the end of the first big day.


Ako Aotearoa and OLT Plenary (WG403)                                                                                                                           Ako Aotearoa and OLT Plenary recording

WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126 WG1
Presentation Space

Research and Policy
What Determines Students’ Choices Of Elective Modules?
Mary Hedges; Gail Pacheco; Don Webber

(dis)place (mis)place- (re)place
Lawrence Cram

Third Space
The Third University: Reformulating Principles And Priorities To Create New Places Of Learning
Louise Katz

Te Mauri Pakeaka - The Third Space
Piki Diamond

Academic Development 1
The Interface For Transforming Pedagogy: A Framework And Toolkit To Enable Curriculum Redesign.Diane Goodman

Academic Development 2
The Space Of Writing In Higher Education Research
Helen Sword

Modelling The Learning-teaching Nexus: The Communicative Place Where Learning And Teaching MeetBernadette Knewstubb

Online and Distance Learning
Student Perceptions Of The Teaching In Online Learning: An Australian University Case Study
Beatrice Tucker; Patrick Halloran; Connie Price

Stories Of Learning Spaces From Distant Places
Mark Brown; Mike Keppell; Helen Hughes; Natasha Hard; Liz Smith

Student Experience
Teaching To The Space: Students’ Perceptions Of Learning Following Their Teachers’ Participation In A Program Of Collaborative Professional Development Supporting Teaching In The Collaborative Learning Forum
Greg Robertson

Of Fish And Forests: Designing, Operating, Managing And Governing A Student Led Place Of Social Learning.
Greg Robertson

Technology Stream
A Multiplicity Of Place? Integral Research And Augmented RealityMaggie Buxton

Arminicamp: Augmented Reality - The Place Between Spaces.
Danny Munnerley; Matt Bacon

Assessment and Curriculum Stream
Using Student Peer Review To Improve Learning Outcomes
Raoul Mulder; Chi Baik; Ryan Naylor; Jon Pearce

The Place Of Peer Assessing In Higher Education: Participation, Purpose, Perceptions.
Rebecca Sealey

Space Stream
The Environmental Quality Of Life Of University Students In New Zealand
Chris Krägeloh; Marcus A. Henning; Susan J. Hawken

Feeling Safe At Our Place
Romain Mirosa; Bernard Morrison; Margaret Morgan

Postgraduate Stream
Lost And Found In Space: Placed And Misplaced Academic Advisors And Developers
Claire Aitchison; Susan Carter

Enhancing The Postgraduate Research Culture And Community
Jennie Billot; Marion Jones; Madeline Banda

Ako Aotearoa Stream: Student Learning Experience
Student Engagement In A Blended Environment
Lynn Jeffrey;
John Milne

Deu: Collaborating To Support And Enhance Student Learning.
Willem Fourie;
Bev McClelland


This Session will also cover the Tea following.

The TATAL Sessions start with a Pre-conference workshop on Monday 1 July and run daily through out the conference.

The TATAL Sessions are all free of charge but please register when registering for the conference.


WG Level Two

WG1 Presentation Space

Afternoon Tea


WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126  

Research and Policy
The Place Of Higher Education Research In Assessing Student Engagement, Success And Retention: A Maturity Model To Guide Practice
John Clarke; Karen Nelson; Ian Stoodley

Finding A Place For Fundamental Learning Research In Higher Education
Jason Lodge

Third Space
The Formal And Informal Curriculum: Competition Or Complementarity
Raymond Hibbins

Negotiating The Third Space In Collaborative Research
Jane Fernandez; Juhani Tuovinen; Peter Dobson; Terence Dachs

Academic Development 1Seeking Balance: An Exploration Of The Affective Dimension Of Academic PracticeSharron King; Trenna Albrecht; David Birbeck; Tim Sawyer; Kit MacFarlane

Chasing The Faces In Places And Spaces: Exploring Academics’ Mbti Preferences For Knowledge Management Approaches And Capacity-building Strategies
Karl J. Matthews; P. A. (Patrick) Danaher

Academic Development 2
What Do We Know Of Academics' Learning Of Teaching?

Cathryn McCormack

Creating Fertile Learning SpacesShelda Debowski

Online and Distance Learning
Designing Online Assessment For Improved Student Learning And Experience
Roy Wybrow; Pauline Taylor; David Smorfitt

Students' Perception Of Online Assessment: Financial And Educational Implications
David Smorfitt; Roy Wybrow; Pauline Taylor

Student Experience
A Space-place Shift: Is The Digital Space A Place For Learning For Commencing Students?
Jill Lawrence

Helping First Year Engineering Students Get Set For Success In Their Studies
Lorelle Burton; Martin Shepherd; William McBride; Lydia Kavanagh; Majella Albion

Technology Stream
Mportfolios In Constructivist Tertiary Vocational Education: Developing The Use Of Mobile Devices To Increase Student Engagement

Samuel Mann; Kieran McKewen

New Pedagogical     E-spaces: Keeping Pace With Staff Readiness
Christine Slade; Kylie Readman

Assessment and Curriculum Stream
The Place Of Assessment In Reducing Student Anxiety About A Research Methods And Statistics Unit
Joanne Arciuli; Gina Villar

Developing A Shared Understanding Of Assessment Criteria And Standards For Undergraduate Mathematics
Cristina Varsavsky; Deborah King; Carmel Coady

Space Stream
Reconceptualising The Lecture Space So That Student Voices Matter
Glenys Forsyth; Dorothy Spiller

The Art Of Lectures: An Analysis Of The Deep Learning Structures Of Lecture Halls
Peter Kandlbinder

Postgraduate Stream
" Previously I Thought Writing Was Writing ”: Reflections On Doctoral Writing Spaces
E Marcia Johnson

The Books Don’t Talk To Me!”: Postgraduate Student Groups And Research Student Identity FormationFelicity Bell; Rita Shackel; Linda Steele

Ako Aotearoa Stream: Teaching Large Classes
Improving The Effectiveness Of Large Class Teaching In Law Degrees
Lynne Taylor; Ursula Cheer

Transforming Tertiary Science Education: Improving Learning During Lectures
Ben Kennedy; Erik Brogt

17:00-19:00 Posters, Pecha Kucha, canapes and drinks followed by a book launch at 6.30pm (WG Level Two )

Blended Teaching And Learning Technology: Feedback From Users Of Virtual Tools
Ram Roy

Selecting The Right Tool For The Job: The Impact Of Assessment Modes In Promoting Performance And Fostering Student Judgment In Graduate Attributes
Romy Lawson; David Boud; Darrall Thompson

Community Of Elearning: Creating A Community Of Learning Through An Eportfolio Website
David Sinfield

A Teaching Culture Inventory To Assess And Enhance The Departmental Learning Space
Rachel Spronken-Smith

An Innovative Mentoring Program For First Year Students
Karen Clark-Burg; Ervina Ng; Adil Vakil

Saving Endangered Languages Online
John Patolo; Tania Ka'ai; Benita Kumar-Simati; Tania Smith; Ena Manuireva; Larisa Warhol; Elisa Duder; Hohepa Maclean

An Evidence-based Approach To The Design Of A Learning Program: Evaluating Preliminary Data Sets
Andrea Carr; Jo-Anne Kelder

Lattes On-the-go
Judit Klein; Christine Probert; Conal Lewes; Kate Wanless; Charlotte Alexander; Theresa Kendrick; Thomas Hall; Emily Whitehead; Stanley Frielick

Engaging In Spaces: How Mature Distance Students Fit Study Into Their Homes And Lives
Ella R Kahu

Developing Critical Thinking Skills In Accounting Undergraduates
Wayne Marriage; Kay Colthorpe; Kirsten Zimbardi

Places Of Learning: Learning As Pilgrimage
Damian Ruth

Production And Reproduction: Giving Meaning To Space
Ruth Greenaway; Kylie Readman

Collaborative Promotion Of Learning And Teaching: The Utas Communities Of Practice Initiative And The Tasmanian Institute Of Learning And Teaching
Kristin Warr; Natalie Brown

The Online Place And Student Space Of Teaching Feedback Through Eight University Case Studies
Shelley Kinash; Vishen Naidu; Diana Knight; Lisa Bolton; Sara Booth; Jo Miller; Som Naidu; Sid Nair; Elizabeth Santhanam; Beatrice Tucker

Graphic Design And 21st Century Bookworks: Implementing Multimodal Strategies To Include E-pub And Interactive Pdf Formats To Complement Traditional Book Formats
Lesley Kaiser; Thom Cochrane ; Hohepa Spooner ; Sangeeta Karmokar; Logan Austin; Emily Garden; Eden Potter; Alan Young; Karol Wilczynska

Integration Of Work Placement Experiences Into The Allied Health Curriculum
Srivalli Vilapakkam Nagarajan; Lindy McAllister

Poster Mashups: Creating Dynamic Digital Posters For Collaborative Learning Spaces
Roger Cook; Elizabeth Greener

Spaces Between People: A Place For Learning
Jennie Swann

The Place Of English Language Development In The Higher Education Curriculum
Katie Dunworth; Helen Drury; Cynthia Kralik; Tim Moore

Eportfolio Pedagogies – Evidencing Student Learning Across Learning Spaces - Learning Places
Lynn McAllister; Kim Hauville

Assessment Decision-making
Phillip Dawson; Margaret Bearman; Matthew Hall; Elizabeth Molloy; David Boud; Gordon Joughin; Sue Bennett

Professional Learning In The Third Space – Supporting The Supporters In Teaching And Learning Centres
Rebecca Shaw; Natalie Brown; Emily Marshall; Sophie Lloyd

Quick Guides For Transnational Teaching
Cathy Hall; Tass Katsoulidis; Tom Palaskas

Changing The Learning And Teaching Scene: Staff And Student Evaluations Of New Science Learning Spaces
Juliey Beckman; Stephen Jones; Paula Newitt; Luke Powter; Andrew Morrison

Reflections Of A Serial Moocer
Trish McCluskey

Exploring Connections Between Assessment And Technology In Eportfolio Use
Christopher Deneen

Looking Beyond The Laboratory: Finding Time To Encourage Development Of Global Perspective In A Content-driven Biology Unit
Sarah Etherington

The Place Of A Teaching Consultant In A University
John Milne

Webbing A Professional Identity Within A Networked Community Of Practice
Mandia Mentis; Alison Kearney; Tracy Riley; Jill Bevan-Brown ; Wendy Holley-Boen; Philippa Butler; Jude MacArthur; Julia Budd

Indigenous ‘places’ As Learning ‘spaces’: Using The Yindyamaldhuray Yalbilinya Framework To Foster Cultural Competence In Pre-service Teachers
Deb Clarke; Matthew Winslade; Linda Ward


New Scholars Dinner (Pizza Pizza)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Keynote: Ann Pendleton-Jullian (WG403)                                                                                                                            Ann Pendleton-Jullian presentation recording


Dialogical Space  (WG Levels 2 and 3 )


TATAL (10.35-12pm) (WG1 Presentation Space)

WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126 WG1 Presentation Space

Research and Policy
Catalysing An Integrated Quality-driven Productive ‘space’ For Higher Education
Christopher Vas; Thomas Koruth

Graduate Attributes
Placing Ethics Within The Formal Science Curriculum: A Case Study

Susan Jones; Ashley Edwards

Placing Progressive Research Pathways Through Program Curriculu
Jacinta Ryan; Sandra Jones

Hidden Spaces In Faraway Places: The ‘ Lonely Work’ Of Partner Institution Transnational Tutors

Gavin Sanderson

Your Place Or Mine: Transnational Education And The Locus Of Control
Peter Ling; Beena Giridharan; Margaret Mazzolini; Shelley Yeo; Veronica Goerke; Gillian Lueckenhausen

Academic Development 1
A Peer Assisted Teaching SchemeAngela Carbone; Bella Ross; Dan Tout; Katherine Lindsay; Liam Phelan; Caroline Cottman; Kylie Readman; Steve Drew; Susan Stoney

Assessment and Curriculum
Evidencing The Efficacy Of Curricula And Pedagogical Innovation In The Affective Domain: A Case Study
Daniel Southam; Yujuan Liu; Jennifer Lewis

Does Curriculum Have A Place In A Bachelor Of Arts?Deanne Gannaway; Karen Sheppard

Student Experience
Thriving Room: Where, Why And How International Students Thrive
Stephanie Ambrosi; Sharron King; Janette Young; Nicholas Procter

The Importance Of Place For International Students’ Choice Of University: A Malaysian Case-studyJasvir Kaur Nachatar Singh; Jan Schapper; Gavin Jack

Technology Stream
Redeveloping A Signature Pedagogy For Engineering: Responding To New Spaces And New Technologies
Peter Maclaren; David I Wilson

The University Of Sydney’s Introduction Of Tablet Pods In Learning StudiosKathleen Donohoe; Marianna Koulias

Assessment and Curriculum Stream
Discourses Of Plagiarism In The Teaching And Learning Space

Lee Adam

Reducing Plagiarism By Teaching Students How To Develop Their Own Critical Voice And Place In The Academy
Iris Vardi

Space Stream
Reflections On Working In A Collective Space To Design Learning Territories

Don Houston; Jessie Jovanovic; Christian Ohly

‘built Pedagogy’: Embodiments Of Interprofessional Education In The Design Of A Purpose Built Health ClinicKristine Martin-McDonald; Adrian Fisher; Michelle Towstoless; Marty Grace

Postgraduate Stream
Living In Liminal Space: How And What Do Phd Students Learn?
Mary-Helen Ward

Core Business: Understanding The Institutional Needs Of Indigenous Australian Doctoral Students
Michelle Trudgett; Susan Page; Neil Harrison

Ako Aotearoa Stream: Pacific Learners
Success For Pacific Learners: The Impact Of Tertiary Education Strategies
John Horrocks; Aleki Silao; Kerese Manueli

Educational Practices That Benefit Pacific Learners In Tertiary Education
Cherie Chu


This Session will also cover the Tea above.

The TATAL Sessions start with a Pre-conference workshop on Monday 1 July and run daily through out the conference.

The TATAL Sessions are all free of charge but please register when registering for the conference.


HERDSA Plenary – President's address and OLT project report (WG403)                                                                      President's address recording


Keynote: Geoff Mitchell (WG403)                                                                                                                                             Geoff Mitchell presentation recording

WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126  
Research and Policy
Mapping Influence: Highlights From An Investigation Into Nationally Funded Learning And Teaching Projects In Australia

Tilly Hinton

DevelopmentThe Herdsa Fellowships Scheme Creates Spaces And Places For Professional
Glyn Thomas; Coralie McCormack; Susan Jones
Graduate AttributesDelivering The Consumer-citizen: Student Emotions And ‘new’ Pedagogies
Barbara M Grant
Academic Leaders’ Views Of The Key Enablers Of The Development Of Graduate Attributes – Issues Of Context And InterdependenceCarol Bond; Rachel Spronken-Smith; Angela McLean; Martin Jenkins; Stephen Marshall; Stanley Frielick; Nell Buissink-Smith
Building International Student Collaborative Learning Spaces Through Participatory Action Learning With Transnational Teaching Teams

Lynne Keevers; Sumitha Ganesharatnam; Geraldine Lefoe; Maureen Bell; Fauziah KP Dawood Sultan; Cathy Hall; Casey Scholz; Barry Harper; Betty Leask; Vin Cent Loh; Jane Lim See Yin; Val Clulow

Ambivalence Or Short-sightedness: Why Are We Ignoring The Needs Of Our International Tutors?
Lee Partridge; Robert Kennelly
Inclusive Education
Building Capacity For Inclusive Teaching: A Survey Of Australian University PracticeClaire Nihill; Susie Macfarlane; Dani Hitch
Re-inscribing The Space: Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Teacher Education And The UniversityTracey Bunda; Jackie Wurm
Assessment and Curriculum
Peers As Informal Professors: Peer-based Learning That Supports The Success Of Indigenous And Minority StudentsSereana Patterson; Airini
Student ExperienceFacilitating First-year Student Transitions Through Student Mentoring
Katina Zammit; Margaret Vickers
Cultural Mapping And Alliance Building In A First Year Management CourseLuke Houghton; Peter Woods; Michelle Barker; Martin Soden; Anita Mak
Technology Stream
Placing Digital Storytelling In The Professional Education CurriculumNicole Matthews
Grand Designs – An Innovative House Of Learning Still Requires A Simple Foundation
Jason Harding; Marty Fletcher
Assessment and Curriculum Stream
Mummy's School: An Interpretive Description Of The Experiences Of Mothers As University Students
Amanda Draper
Space Stream
Learning About Place Through Art
Shelley Hannigan

When Walls Speak: Teaching In The Wharenui
Lynda Toki; Ksenija Napan
Postgraduate Stream
What Is The Place Of Assessment For Postgraduate Coursework Students?
Nicola Parker
Generic Doctoral Support And Its Assessment: Can We Secure The Central?Susan Carter
Ako Aotearoa Stream: MentoringImplementation Of A Mentoring Programme In A New Zealand Polytechnic Environment
Lesley Petersen; Janet Walke
Maximising Learning Dialogue Opportunities In Professional Field-based Experiences
Marion Sanders; Andrew Smith

Afternoon Tea (WG Level Two )

  WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126 WG903

Research and Policy
Network Of Australiasian Tertiary Associations: A Space For Discussion, Collaboration And Advocacy In Tertiary Education

Mike Keppell; Gordon Suddaby; Natasha Hard

Analysis Of Multi-year Ausse Data To Inform Universities’ Strategic Decisions
Mireia Casas-Marce; Erik Brogt; Elena Moltchanova

Graduate Attributes
Creating A Space For Learning In Higher Education: A Curriculum Mapping Case Study
Judy McFall; Li Wang; ‘Ema Wolfgramm-Foliaki

Global Learning Spaces
Global Learning Within An International Bachelor Of Science Degree
Maureen Bell; Paul Carr

Connecting Undergraduate Researchers In The Global Space – The Matariki Undergraduate Research Network
Rachel Spronken-Smith; Angela McLean; Clinton Golding; Swee Kin Loke; Sally Sandover; Lee Partridge; Wayne McGowan; Liz Burd; Tony Fawcett; Andy Leger

Academic Development 1
How Do You Measure Up? The Place Of Benchmarking Standards For Quality Learning And Teaching With Sessional Staff
Marina Harvey; Karina Luzia; Natalie Brown; Coralie McCormack; Jo McKenzie ; Nicola Parker

Ensuring Sessional Academic Success By Rethinking The Place Of Academic Development
Jillian Hamilton; Michelle Cunningham Fox

Online and Distance Learning
Transformative Social Learning For Sustainability In The Online Space
Bonnie McBain; Liam Phelan

Balancing Life: An Alternate Reality Gaming Environment For Undergraduate Accounting EducationLeopold Bayerlein; Naomi McGrath; Sue Whale

Student Experience
Reconceptualising Student Experience: Creating Inter-connections Between The Curricular, Co-curricular And Technologies Into A Seamless Place Of Learning

Megan Kek; Julie Godwin; Vivienne Counter; Fernando Padro

Technology Stream
Students’ Perceptions On Using Blogs For Reflective Learning In Higher Educational Contexts"
Irshad Ali; Kevin Byard; Shirley Julich; John Kommunuri

Assessment and Curriculum Stream
Complexities In Managing Assessment Change: Understanding Patterns Of Resistance
Christopher Deneen; David Boud

Designing Higher Education Business Information Systems Curriculum And Assessment: For Whom The Bell Tolls?
Joan Richardson; Val Clulow; Vass Karpathiou

Space Stream
Student Engagement For A Large Unit In An Active Learning Space

David Bulger; Sigurbjorg Gudlaugsdottir; Ayse Bilgin; Greg Robertson

Transforming Conceptual Space Into A Creative Learning Place: Crossing A Threshold
Kirstine Moffat; Anne McKim

Postgraduate Stream
Student Seminars As A Training Program For Higher Research Degree Students To Improve Academic Presentation Skills In Science

Satomi Ohnishi; Judith Ford

Ako Aotearoa Stream: Workplace Learning
A Template For Good Practice In Work Integrated Learning
Andrew Martin; Malcolm Rees

Mid-Conference Workshop: Reviewing for Scholarly Journals in Higher Education


HERD Editors

This workshop is free of charge and open to all registered delegates.  This interactive session will run from 4-5.30, and there is no need to register but be in quick as spaces will be limited on the day.


Conference Dinner (6.30 for 7) - drinks and canapes from 6.30 (The Langham Hotel)

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Registration (WG Level Two )


Tea, coffee and Milo on arrival (WG Level Two )

WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126  

Teaching and Learning
Conceptions Of, And Approaches To, Teaching Blended Context: A Review Of Research

Shahadat Khan

Group Work In Problem-based Learning: Democratic Spaces Or Oppressive Places?
Salochana Hassan

The Place (and Places) Of Critical Thinking In Disciplinary Education: Implications For Assessment
Tim Moore

Graduate Attributes
Cultural Heritage And Sustainability As An Essential Disposition For Music Graduates
Anna Reid; Dawn Bennett; Neal Peres da Costa; Peter Petocz

Cultivating Creative Ecologies: Creative Teaching And Teaching For Creativity
Robyn Philip

Investigating And Evaluating Inquiry-based Approach To Laboratory Experiments
Salim Siddiqui; Marjan Zadnik; Maria Parrappilly; Joe Shapter; Lisa Schmidt


Academic Development 1
Placing Ourselves To Confront Present And Future Curriculum Challenges
Linda Keesing-Styles; Robert Ayres; Simon Nash

Academic Workforce 2020: Framing A National Agenda For Professionalising University TeachingChi Baik; Victoria Millar

Online and Distance Learning
Scalable Learning: The Beautiful Paradox Of Massive Open Online Courses (moocs)

Lyndsay Agans

Through The Looking Glass: Using The Values Exchange To Expand Students' Vantage Points Of Practice, Moving From Opacity And Filtered Insights To Reflection And Enhanced World Views
Amanda Lees; Sharon Ayson

Social Learning
Exploring Students’ Experiences Of Learning In Outdoor Places On A University Campus
Trudy Ambler; Rhian Webb; Eloise Hummell; Greg Robertson; Steve Bailey

That Social Side Of Things: Students’ Experiences Of Social And Physical PlaceSophie Goldingay; Norah Hosken; Clare Land; Peter Barnes; Kerry Murphy

Technology Stream
How Effective Is A Virtual Community Of Practice As A Learning Space For Health Professionals?Margaret Potter; Fiona Lake

Virtual Collaborative Teaching: What Value Does It Bring?
Krassie Petrova; Deanne Cranford-Wesley

Learning To Practice In Two DimensionsMarianne Dickie

Assessment and Curriculum Stream
Supporting A Place For Better Judgement In Oral And Practice-based AssessmentLisa Schmidt; Lambert Schuwirth

Creating New Spaces For The Integrated Acquisition Of Academic Literacies For Undergraduate Nursing And Health Sciences StudentsJohn Hamilton

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts: Evaluating A Model Of Teaching And Learning
Karen Sheppard; Michael Drinkwater; Deanne Gannaway; Margaret Wegener

Space Stream
Space For Student Reflection: Eportfolios As A Virtual Learning Place

Elizabeth Chinlund; Karen Smith

Pedagogical Principles For The Design Of Virtual Learning Spaces In Higher EducationEdilson Arenas; Julianne Lynch

Virtual Learning Spaces: Getting Them Right For Students
Natasha Reedy; Terry Clark; Vicki-Ellen Horner; Pat Lehane; Jayln Rose

Developing Successful Feedback Practice In Hdr Supervision Across Cultures
Elke Stracke; Theresa Winchester-Seeto; Joelle Vandermensbrugghe; Sylvia Alston

Enhancing Feedback Provision And Use To Promote Learning Through Assessment
Kay Colthorpe; Kirsten Zimbardi; Andrew Dekker; Peter Hay; Craig Engstrom; Andrea Bugarcic; Phil Long; Lesley Lluka; Prasad Chunduri; Pete Worthy

Ako Aotearoa Stream: Issues in Higher Education
What Predicts Confidence And Satisfaction Among Early Career Academics In New Zealand Universities?
Kathryn Sutherland

The Places And Spaces Of Graduate Outcomes In Tertiary Institutions In Aotearoa/new Zealand
Rachel Spronken-Smith; Carol Bond; Angela McLean; Stanley Frielick; Nell Buissink-Smith; Martin Jenkins; Stephen Marshall

Place, Perception And “closing The Loop” Behaviour: Academics’ Perceptions Of Student Evaluations
Sarah Stein; Dorothy Spiller; Jo Kennedy; Lynley Deaker; Trudy Harris; Stuart Terry


WG Level Two

WG1 Presentation Space

Morning Tea


WG609 WG608 WG701 WG703 WG607 WG901 WG801 WG808 WG809 WG909 WG126 WG1 Presentation Space

Spaces Where Learning Takes Place:rethinking Contemporary Approaches To Learning And Teaching

Hariz Halilovich; Angela Carbone; Belinda Ross

Graduate Attributes
Participation And Community Engagement At Macquarie University: Research And Evaluation StrategyLindie Clark; Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei

Peer Assisted Learning A Student Ambassador Scheme To Promote And Actualise Graduate Attributes
Eva Wong; Theresa Kwong

Enhancing The Practice Of Educational Leaders Through Coaching Conversations
Jenny Ferrier-Kerr

Working Together: Indigenous & Non-indigenous Health Educators As Intercultural Leaders For Change
Kim Scott; Dawn Bessarab; Marion Kickett; Simon Forrest; Julie Hoffman; Angela Durey; Kate Taylor; Sue Jones

Academic Development 1Professionalisation Of The Academic Workforce
Rick Cummings; Denise Chalmers; Rachel Wicking; Sue Stoney; Jon Yorke; Sofia Elliott

Academic Staff Activity Profiles: From Theory To Practice
Janet A Taylor; William MacGillivray

Assessment and Curriculum
Accreditation Of Tertiary Teachers: Enabling Teachers To Meet The Demands Of A Rapidly Changing World Or Just Another Hoop!!!Alison Holmes; Gordon Suddaby

Reviewing And Improving Multi-campus Units
Gary Williams

Undergraduate Research
Alure: The Apprenticeship-style Large-scale Undergraduate Research Experience Project
Susan Rowland; Gwendolyn Lawrie; Jack Wang

Technology Stream
Lost In Space: Physically, Virtually, And Pedagogically
Nicola Westberry; Susan McNaughton; Jennie Billot; Helen Gaeta

Synchronous Teaching Spaces, Distributed Learning Places: Staff And Student Perspectives Of Immersive Video-linked ClassesMaggie Hartnett; Scott Symonds; Mark Brown

Assessment and Curriculum Stream
Addressing The Dilemma Of Widened Participation In Higher Education And Successful Student Transition: Learnings From A Vocational / University Partnership Model
Helen Weadon

Ensuring Spaces Of Learning Within The Widening Participation Agenda: A Systematic And Collaborative VentureAngela Hill; Cecily Knight; John Smithson; Felicity Croker; Andrea Lynch; Trudy Quantrill

Space Stream
Transforming Design Thinking Through The Translational Design Of Learning And Knowledge Environments
Kenn Fisher

Learning And Teaching In Collaborative Environments
Richard Evans;
Geoffrey Mitchell

Postgraduate/Early Career Academics
A Case Study Of The Development Of Educational Research Skills In Early Career Academics
Vaille Dawson; Sue Bolt

The Next Generation Of University Teachers: Longitudinal Research Into Early Career Academics’ Placement Of Teaching Within Their Academic Practice
Jean Rath; Lynn McAlpine; Julia Horn; Gill Turner

Ako Aotearoa Stream: Change and Future Thinking
Scenarios For The Future Of Tertiary Education To Inform Views Of Place In Learning And Teaching
Niki Davis

E-learning And Higher Education: Understanding And Supporting Organisational Change
Stephen Marshall


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