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Hong Kong Baptist University

Excellence . Innovation . Whole Person Education

Established in 1956, Hong Kong Baptist University has over 50 years of experience in providing broad-based and creativity-inspiring education.

HKBU is consistently at the cutting-edge of the sciences and highly reputed for its commitment to the humanities and arts. The University also encourages service to society among its staff and students, making it a beloved part of the Hong Kong community.

At HKBU, education is far more than simply equipping students with professional knowledge and skills. The University is committed to providing Whole Person Education that inculcates intellectual, cultural, social and sporting skills outside the classroom in addition to training the minds within. We are not just grooming the workforce of tomorrow, we are shaping future leaders.

The University offers world-class, innovative undergraduate, taught postgraduate and research postgraduate programmes leading to Masters or PhD degrees as well as associate degree programmes, all tailored to prepare our students for the challenges of a globalised knowledge-based economy.


Hong Kong Baptist University is committed to academic excellence in teaching, research and service, and to the development of whole person in all these endeavours built upon the heritage of Christian higher education.


Hong Kong Baptist University aspires to be a premier institution of higher learning providing broad-based, creativity-inspiring education with distinctive contribution to the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarship.

Website: http://www.hkbu.edu.hk


Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning works in partnership with academic colleagues to foster continuous quality learning and teaching at HKBU. It aims to reinforce the student-centred, whole-person and outcome-oriented ethos of learning and teaching in the University. The CHTL will leverage latest e-Learning technology with innovative pedagogies to advance good practice in teaching as well as co-curricular activities, thereby enhancing the existing holistic environment to be even more conducive to student learning.

The functions of CHTL are:

  1. enhancement of various elements of teaching and learning, including, but not limited to, the Outcomes-based Approach;
  2. development and implementation of the University’s eLearning strategy to enhance teaching and learning;
  3. promotion of Whole Person Education mainly through arts and cultural education; and
  4. assistance in evidence collection for the assessment of students’ attainment of learning outcomes and the University’s Graduate Attributes.

Website: http://chtl.hkbu.edu.hk/



The Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia is a scholarly society for people committed to the advancement of higher and tertiary education. It promotes the development of higher education policy, practice and the study of teaching and learning. HERDSA encourages and disseminates research on teaching and learning and higher education development. It also works to build strong academic communities. The current HERDSA Constitution was adopted in 2000.

HERDSA works to:

  • advance educational policy and practice in the higher education and tertiary sector;
  • facilitate and promote the enhancement of teaching and learning;
  • encourage and disseminate research on higher education and tertiary teaching, learning, development, research, leadership and policy matters;
  • recognise and reward outstanding contributions to higher and tertiary education;
  • encourage collaboration and the development of professional communities in higher and tertiary education; and
  • assist its members in their ongoing professional development.

Website: http://www.herdsa.org.au/


The HERDSA (Hong Kong Branch)

The HERDSA (Hong Kong Branch) was established in 1997 as a local chapter of HERDSA (Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia) which is a scholarly society based in Australia for people committed to the advancement of higher and tertiary education. The establishment of the Hong Kong Chapter was initiated and supported by the then PDQS (Professional Development & Quality Services) of City University of Hong Kong to share best practices and exchange ideas on topics of strategic importance to the local higher education.

Since 1997, HERDSA (Hong Kong Branch) has organised a variety of activities to encourage professional exchanges among higher education scholars and professionals in Hong Kong on a range of interesting topics such as Teaching and Learning Quality Process Reviews (TLQPR), outcome-based education, online student evaluation of teaching, general education, plagiarism and e-portfolio etc. The activities are mainly in the form of dinner dialogues, which begins with a brief introduction by renowned scholars or experienced colleagues from local institutions, followed by open discussion among participants in a relaxed atmosphere at the dinner table. With your participation, HERDSA (HK) is being established as a platform for the advancement of higher education practices.

Website: http://herdsahk.edublogs.org/about/