How Do We Know What is Academic Success for International Students?

La Trobe University, Australia

La Trobe University, Australia

Gavin JACK
La Trobe University, Australia


In this paper, we explore the perceptions of academic success by postgraduate international students in one of the research universities in Malaysia. The importance of understanding academic success leads to the development of insightful attributes and capabilities required for the success based on the findings from the semi-structured interviews conducted with postgraduate international students, academic and professional staff members. Academic success has generally been perceived through usual measurable indicators such as grades and time taken to complete a degree. However, the perceptions of academic success by the research participants went beyond the measurable indicators which include the development of soft and research skills, improvement of academic knowledge, contributions to home country or society and exploration of international life. These positive international educational experiences do influence the development of attributes and capabilities required of higher education graduates to excel in a globalized world.

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