Using the Affordance of Technology to Adjust the Design of a Flipped Learning Pedagogy to Address the Needs of Students with Complex Learning Needs

University of Western Australia, Australia

University of Western Australia, Australia


Flipped learning pedagogy assumes that students can attend class for rich human-interactive learning experiences. However, student engagement is an important factor in successful studies, and students who cannot engage in the on-campus experience need to be considered. This paper reports on the redesign of a large first year unit in an on-campus learning institution to ensure engagement and participation in online and in-class learning and assessment activity, and specifically accommodate the needs of students who for reasons of location or learning difficulties may be unable to fully participate in a flipped learning approach and its assumptions of online and rich face-to-face learning activities. The three phases of this project were: to evaluate the current flipped learning approach to improve the quality for all learners, to interview staff and students as representatives of these non-standard students, and to propose pedagogical adjustments that would promote engaged and participatory learning for all students.

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