Social Participation in the New Education Governance System of China: An International and Comparative Perspective

Baocun LIU
Beijing Normal University, China


As in many other countries and regions of the world, the governance of education in China is currently undergoing dramatic transition. The Chinese government recently called on to establish a new governance system of education instead of traditional education management and administration. This paper will examine the transformation of education governance philosophy and the new governance system of education in China with an emphasis on social participation from an international and comparative perspective.

This study will utilize Burton Clark's triangle model as a conceptual framework for understanding the relationship among the government, the academy, and the society (market) in the formulation and development of the new governance system of education. As social participation is the weakest angle of the governance system, the paper will focus on the international experiences in social participation and their implication for Chinese context.Two research methods will be used: comparative method and interview method. By comparative method, it explores the transition of China's governance system of education, as well as education governance systems of other countries. By interview method, the paper wants to show the opinions of different groups' on enhancing social participation and relevant suggestions. The research data of this paper is mainly from the education administration and management policy documents and statistics publicized by the Chinese national government, as well as from interviews. Such data sources will guarantee the authority and persuasion of the data.

The reforms in education governance reform and transformation in China is to build a new governance system with a mechanism that the government, the academy, and the society playing different but interacting roles. The social forces can participate in government policy-making, school and university policy-making, supervision over public education institutions by various means. China should guarantee social participation in the new governance system through legislation and university statutes.

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