e-Portfolios in Developing Reflective Thinking among Students in the Context of Higher Education: What Remains Untold in the Literature?

The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

Cher Ping LIM
The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong


There have been growing literature suggest that e-portfolios enhance students reflective thinking and the documentation power of the e-portfolios encourage students to learn. E-portfolios encourage students to reflect upon their work throughout the entire process while working on e-portfolios and that reflection helps accumulate their learning experiences and find meaning in them. It has also been argued that e-portfolios make meaning out of diverse and unconnected pieces of information through reflection. Yet, a comprehensive review of the literature on e-portfolios suggests that despite wider literature claims that e-portfolios promote reflection but what facilitates and/or hinders the reflective thinking while using e-portfolios and how it does mostly remain untold. In addition, if the assumption is right that e-portfolios promote reflection, but what is the nature and quality of the reflections promoted through e-portfolios is little investigated in the literature. Overall, the review reveals that the claim over e-portfolios enhancing reflective thinking is oversimplified and lacks of enough empirical evidences. It indicates that there exists a research gap that yet cannot tell clearly the dynamics of e-portfolios in developing reflection and the nature and quality of the reflection promoted through e-portfolios.

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