e-Exam System v5: A Secure, Scalable, Ethical Approach to High Stakes e-Assessment

University of Queensland, Australia

Andrew FLUCK
University of Tasmania, Australia


This poster presents the latest version of the open source e-Exam System version 5 developed as part of an Australian federal government Office for Learning and Teaching grant. This is an advance over that of the previous version 4 in that it adds the ability to run off-line computer marked question types. The approach used is to allow the use of the candidates own laptop computer in the supervised exam setting by bypassing the file system on the student's hard disk drive and instead providing a full operating system, office application suite, LMS and 3rd party software tools onboard a bootable USB stick. The e-Exam System is designed to maximise the affordances of ICTs for assessment in the exam room but to do so in a way that is secure, scalable and ethical. The latest version also sees a refined user interface that leads exam candidates through to their exam paper while also providing the full benefits of a 'whole of computer' software environment that can be configured by academics according to discipline needs. The ethical leveraging of exam candidates own laptops in a way provides a secured environment against cheating or collusion means that significant barriers achieving exam integrity and scalability in the adoption of large scale computerised examinations in higher education institutions can be overcome. Large scale trials across 6 courses at the University of Queensland are underway in semester 1 2014 and will be reported upon in the poster.

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