Benchmarking Student Evaluations Domestically and Globally

Shelley KINASH
Bond University, Australia

Vishen NAIDU
Bond University, Australia

Bond University, Australia

Central Queensland University, Australia

Charles Sturt University, Australia

University of Western Australia, Australia

Australian Catholic University, Australia

Beatrice TUCKER
Curtin University, Australia


Over the years, student evaluation of teaching (SET) has become an ingrained measurement of quality learning and teaching in higher education institutions around the world. The evaluation of teaching is a highly subjective and complex process in which many institutions find themselves continuously looking for ways to refine and enhance their survey instruments. In more recent years the move from the traditional pen and paper evaluations to an electronic model has grown in prevalence and significantly influenced the way universities are collecting, analysing and interpreting the data. With greater access to different online evaluation platforms, universities are continually finding effective ways of developing and refining their systems and instruments, but in the process are insulating themselves from the sector by creating institutional silos. As a result, little research has been conducted on how the data derived from these emerging online evaluation systems is being used to facilitate benchmarking between universities domestically and in an international context. As global university rankings become more visible and mainstream, the performance of higher education is being cast into the spotlight. The aim of this poster presentation is to identify how institutions within Australia are collaborating and benchmarking with each other to refine their systems and data processes, with the focus of collaborating and benchmarking with international partners to identify industry best-practices, exchange information and foster the development of long-term domestic and global networks in student evaluation of teaching practices.

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