Envisaging the Next Wave of Learning Across Borders in Globalised World: How Does Instructional Leadership Facilitate Innovative Pedagogy with ICT?

The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong


Information and communication technology (ICT) is perceived as a key driver of globalization while higher education institutions envisage learning across borders with pedagogical potential of ICT. Whether or not the notion of learning across borders can reshape the institutions towards higher education of ‘borderlessness' in the advent of ICT is yet to be explored. This paper reports a study aiming at exploring the next wave of borderless learning and teaching in Chinese higher education. The study adopted a qualitative case study approach to comparing development of learning across higher education institutions in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It provides an overview of their current development. Particular attention is paid to two attributes for further comparison: 1) impacts of ICT use on learning and teaching in the institutions; and 2) instructional leadership for borderless learning and teaching in the advent of ICT. Findings of the across case comparison discover that instructional leadership was not prominent for scaffoldings of learning and teaching, regardless to what extent the ICT use. How can instructional leadership respond to emerging borderless education opportunities in globalisation? Implications of instructional leadership and ICT for borderless higher education are discussed.

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