The Chinese Medicine Education: When East Meets West via Globalization

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Min LI
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a holistic system for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, has been an integral part of Chinese cultures for thousands of years. Alongside the promotion of traditional medicine by World Health Organization (WHO), there is a rising demand for TCM in Asia and worldwide. Therefore there is a pressing need to create a pool of new talents to gear to TCM internationalization trend.

However, owing to its deep historical roots in Chinese philosophy - emphasizing the role of teacher as “master” and student as "apprentice", conventional teaching of TCM has been highly theoretical and teacher-centered. The knowledge of students is mainly transferred from teachers to students in unidirectional lectures. As a result, students are found to be non-passionate and unmotivated. Indeed, education of TCM is facing a need for transforming its curriculum design, teaching, learning and assessment approaches.

This showcase aims to highlight the need in continuous improvement in Chinese medicine education and present an example of how to transform a TCM course by adopting student-centered approaches, engaging pedagogies, e-learning tactics and authentic assessment, in an attempt to equip our students with modern skills, international visions and cross-cultural angels to serve our global community.

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