Building an Engineering Education Research Community to Share Good Practices in Engineering Education

Cecilia Ka Yuk CHAN
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


This paper involves building a community of engineering education practitioners who can think and work across different disciplines with an ultimate aim of improving the engineering student experience. It is not uncommon to find engineering academics who consider educational pedagogy irrelevant and intimidating particularly when evaluation of courses is involved. Arlett, Smith and Tolley(2007) found views from engineering academics that “educational research and engineering are not always comfortable bed fellows" and Canning (2007) recognises that conducting pedagogic research can be culturally difficult for academics who are not used to social science methods. Thus, it is important to draw together engineering teachers who find educational pedagogy interesting and build up a culture of engineering education. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the platform and the different initiatives developed to foster and advance engineering education research and pedagogies.

Initiatives included:

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