Workshop 1 - Leading Academic Networks

Senior Consultant, Higher Education Development


Academic networks are a critical platform for collaboration, communication and innovation. While they vary in size, function and membership, successful networks operate from a number of common principles. This workshop offers participants an opportunity to explore the nature of network leadership and to focus on some key strategies that will ensure the network is robust, well-led and highly sustainable. The workshop will draw on the newly published HERDSA Guide: Leading Academic Networks, and will offer some useful diagnostic tools that can help to monitor a network's success.

Learning Outcomes

Develop an effective communication strategy

Proposed Activities

The workshop will be highly interactive, with participants undertaking several diagnostic tests, sharing experiences of network leadership, and exploring and testing good practice principles. They will leave the workshop with ideas to apply and share.

Target Participants

Network leaders, aspirant network leaders (networks can be any size or composition)


Debowski, S. (2014). Leading Academic Networks. Milperra, NSW: HERDSA

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