Workshop 4 - Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for New Scholars

Deborah CLARKE
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Education, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Associate Professor and Academic Developer
Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning,
The University of Western Australia

Teacher Development Advisor and Mentor
Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


You are invited to participate in a series of seminars that introduce new scholars to publishing in learning and teaching. The desired outcome of your involvement in the program is to prepare a draft of a manuscript for submission to a learning and teaching conference or journal.

Session 1 Introduction to SoTL

This session will introduce you to the nature of SoTL, and explain why you might undertake SoTL. Learning how to link your teaching and research, to be strategic with your time will be addressed. The types of data used in SoTL will be modelled and the need for ethics approval for SoTL work discussed.

Session 2 Role of literature in SoTL

This second session will outline the literature review process as a key element of an academic paper in SoTL, in particular explore the role of empirical and contextual literature. Session content will also cover how to construct your research proposal, write data collection questions and discuss the process for gaining ethics approval.

Session 3 Data analysis, abstract writing, selection of dissemination mode

This session will build on aspects introduced in the preceding sessions and prepare participants for the following two writing sessions. Content covered will include a recap of the analysis of data (quantitative and qualitative), examining a sample structure for an academic paper in SoTL, choosing the right avenue to disseminate your work, and writing an abstract.

Session 4 Shut Up & Write

Shut Up & Write (SU&W / SUAW) is a type of writing group which began in San Francisco and has been spreading worldwide, with growing popularity among academic writers in recent years. Shut Up & Write can be useful in these ways:

Target Participants

New Scholars - participants who have not previously published in a learning and teaching refereed journal or peer reviewed conference proceedings

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