Workshop 6 - A Deeper Look at Reflective Learning

Senior Consultant, Higher Education Development


Most universities argue that their students will graduate as reflective learners. However, few academics have had the opportunity to think more deeply about the nature of reflective learning; its application in various learning contexts, and the conditions under which they can promote these practices in their students. This workshop will offer an important opportunity to explore the nature of reflective learning; various models and principles that can be employed, and strategies that can assist teachers in facilitating reflective learning. Resources from a recent developmental project will be employed in the workshop to illustrate the ways in which reflective learning can be applied to different learning contexts, and as a complementary component of other learning exercises. Participants will also be encouraged to apply the principles to their own professional practice.

Learning Outcomes

After participating in this workshop participants will be able to:

Proposed Activities

Target Participants

Teachers, Associate Deans, academic leaders

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