There are five awards and prizes which are associated with the annual HERDSA conference.

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(Proposals due date: 7 Mar 2014)

While there may be no general agreement on when globalization began in history, few would dispute the assertion that with the advent of the new millennium and enabled by new technologies, we are witnessing the intensification and extension of globalization never felt before. Higher education, known for its centuries old institutions, is awakening to and reinventing itself to cope this new challenge. We hope this Conference can become a platform for colleagues in higher education and related industries around the world to come together to explore and debate the many facets of this truly significant global phenomenon – Higher Education in a Globalized World.

A warm invitation is now extended to all of you to submit a proposal to this Conference using one of the following formats:

All submissions should relate to the broad theme of Higher Education in a Globalized World and address one or more of the following sub-themes:

Embracing challenges and opportunities for higher education in a globalized world

  • What are the likely challenges and opportunities for Higher Education in a globalized world?
  • How to meet the challenges creatively and positively and how to make good use of opportunities offered?

Preparing graduates for a globalized world

  • What attributes and capabilities do higher education graduates require to excel in a globalized world?
  • How to engage a diversity of learners with more complex learning needs?
  • How to work with students to build an inclusive and culturally diverse learning environment to maximize students’ development?

Capitalizing technology in higher education for a globalized world

  • What roles should technology play in higher education in a globalized world?
  • How to fully take advantages of technology to engage students in meaningful ways?

Transforming leadership of higher education in a globalized world

  • How to engage members of the academic community in deep reflection on current practice and to offer opportunities for their participation and actions?
  • How to develop effective and sustainable strategies and processes to ensure success?

Re-thinking higher education research, professional development and evaluation in globalized world

  • What research into higher education is needed and how could it be undertaken?
  • What professional development opportunities are needed?
  • What are the implications for planning and conducting evaluation in higher education?

Key dates

Call for submission 24 Oct 2013
Proposals due date 7 Mar 2014
Notification of acceptance 31 Mar 2014
Release of provisional programme 5 May 2014
Early bird registration due date 16 May 2014

Please check “Guidelines” before submitting a proposal.