The New Academic Mobility and International Research Collaboration

University of Adelaide, Australia

University of Adelaide, Australia

University of Adelaide, Australia


The concept of academic mobility today must be understood in terms of intellectual and cultural flexibility as much as in geospatial terms; academic mobility is no longer just about travel and migration, but also involves international, transcultural collaborations, conducted for the most part in virtual rather than physical space. However, little research has been undertaken into the challenges such collaborations might present to established academic work practices and to the associated academic subjectivities. In this roundtable we explore participants' experiences and understandings of international research collaborations. Starting from a theoretical overview of mobility in the globalized academy (Fahey & Kenway, 2010; Chen & Koyama, 2012; Guerin & Green, forthcoming), participants will then address questions such as:

The roundtable will seek collectively to formulate recommendations that enable researchers to more effectively engage in transcultural, international research collaborations, and participants will be invited to contribute to our research project, which aims to produce comprehensive guidelines for collaborative international, transcultural and cross-linguistic research engagement.

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