What Might an Educational Development Portfolio Look Like?

Higher Education Consultant, Australia

Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

Natasha KENNY
University of Guelph, Canada


While the role of educational development is expanding, it continues to track a similar path across the globe. Educational developers are working in higher education institutions that are increasingly internationalised. This affords increased mobility and opportunity for educational developers. A portfolio is a way to document and situate one's practice for professional development and career progression as well as to facilitate decisions by those hiring and promoting educational developers. Through the Educational Development Caucus of the Canadian Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), work has begun to explore the development of a guide for an educational developer's portfolio. This builds on the work of Holmes and Timmermans (2012), Wright and Miller (2000) and others. In this session, educational developers are invited to generate ideas and potential content to shape and contextualize the design and development of this guide that will be a universal resource in educational development. The discussion will also engage educational developers in thinking about how to document their own practice.

To guide the discussion we will explore questions around the following general themes:

  1. The possibilities and potential of an educational development portfolio
  2. The ideal portfolio
  3. Supporting and integrating the use of educational development portfolios

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