Adapting Lecture Capture Activities for Success in the Flipped Classroom

University of Newcastle, Australia

University of Newcastle, Australia


As more university teachers embrace the pedagogical soundness of the "flipped" or "inverted" classroom - one where students engage with course content online prior to participating in active learning activities in class (or online) - universities are also quickly equipping all classrooms with lecture capture systems. These primarily record the lecturer delivering a static lecture with slides or other A/V support. These two strategies appear to be contradictory: If we are no longer going to be presenting traditional lectures, what, precisely, will there be to "capture"?

Issue to be addressed:
What is the most effective way to capitalize on lecture capture technology in a flipped classroom model?

Perspectives to be introduced:
Lecture capture technologies and learner success. The potential benefits for teaching staff. Institutional pressures and contradictions. Global audiences for mediated learning content.

To introduce these perspectives and generate discussion, the convenors will outline a use of this lecture capture technology within a "media production" approach that closely connects and aligns these learning objects to the classroom activities that they are meant to support (rather than merely recording spontaneous teaching activity).

Suggested questions for discussion:

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