From Knowledge Society to Learner Society: New Approaches for Evaluating and Improving the Efficacy of HEIs

Pearson, United Kingdom

Jacqueline CHENG
Pearson, United Kingdom


To date, much research in Higher Education has focused on exploring the capacity of higher education institutions (HEIs) to support the macro-level needs of the knowledge society (Castells 1998, 2006; Held 1999). This roundtable offers an opportunity for participants to talk about the need to focus an equal amount of research in this area on the capacity of HEIs to meet individual learner outcome needs (Barber and Rizvi 2013). We maintain that by enriching research in this area, HEIs will more successfully meet the needs of both learner and society. With students facing a much greater choice than ever due to an increase in information about HEIs and freedom to travel, HEIs are being forced to demonstrate their worth in a globalized world.

The roundtable will introduce Pearson's efficacy framework, a new tool for evaluating impact on learner outcomes and will serve as a practical example for discussion. The efficacy framework has been applied to CTI, an HEI in South Africa. Findings indicate that the relationship between higher education and the development of the economy in South Africa has the potential to be enhanced.

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