How Can 'Global' Supervisors Effectively Support Honours and Coursework Dissertation Students?

Curtin University, Australia


... if you wanna supervise an honours student, maybe don't; maybe that's not for you, if you're the high-flying, conference-attending type (Honours student, 2013).

Supervisor availability is central to honours and coursework dissertation students' conceptions of good supervision (Roberts, 2014). Supervisors who travel as part of their academic duties may be absent from their own university for extended periods of time, reducing their availability to supervised students. This has resulted in advice to students to not select supervisors who travel frequently (Brabazon, 2013). Drawing on findings from Lynne Roberts' OLT National Teaching Fellowship on best practice in honours and coursework dissertation supervision, in this roundtable we will first explore issues and advantages associated with 'global' supervision from student and supervisor perspectives. Roundtable participants will have the opportunity to share both concerns and best practice and workshop new ways of responding to the demands of global supervision. The overarching issue to address is how positive supervisory relationships with honours and coursework dissertation students can be maintained during supervisor absences. Questions for discussion will include:

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