A Merit-based Academic Enrichment Program for College Student Leadership Development

Doris Shui Ying MOK
University of Macau, Macau

Kai Ming MOK
University of Macau, Macau


We would like to share with colleagues the Honours College program at the University of Macau. It is an academic enrichment program that aims at nurturing the best undergraduate students to be innovative and globally competitive leaders of society. The program is merit based, recruiting students from the top three percentile and offering them opportunities to gain multi-disciplinary experience, to think critically and to solve problems independently, to work collaboratively, to serve and to contribute to communities, and be exposed to international prospective by studying in another country for a semester through a fully funded study-abroad program. In the Macau context, we particularly desire to encourage students to develop a global worldview and to consider graduate studies overseas.

We would first present the distinctiveness of our honours program, followed by describing the four key components of the program: curriculum (leadership course series), research, study abroad and student development. College student leadership development theories would be discussed, comparing education and training models from U.S. and their potential application to the local cultural context. The implementation of the program and the challenges encountered would be presented, followed by a report of the initial assessment outcome. Finally, we look forward to discussions that would facilitate future development of our program and enrichment of our understanding of college student leadership development from a global perspective.

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