Remembering Mary: Progress in Education Proposal for Major Conference, 2018

Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai campus, China


In 1787, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote 'Thoughts on the education of daughters'. This preceded her Vindication of the rights of women in 1792. Between 1816-1818, her daughter, Mary wrote Frankenstein. Published anonymously, it was thought to be an absurd story, interpreted as meaning that the unruly beastly mobs must be controlled; and as a work of great imagination and power. One hundred years later, in the USA, Mary Parker Follett, 'public scholar', 'management prophet', activist for community education, was writing about the perils of ignoring difference. If it is ignored, suppressed or controlled by society, it will corrupt, or be corrupted. The theme bears remarkable similarity to the central theme of Frankenstein. Follett was also misread and misinterpreted and 'forgotten'. With renewed interest in the work of Mary Parker Follett, this round table discussion aims to garner support for an international conference on education in 2018, celebrating two hundred years since the publication of Frankenstein, and one hundred years since the publication in 1918 of The new state: Group organization, the solution for popular government by Mary Parker Follett. She followed this with Creative experience in 1924. The 2018 conference crosses boundaries of time and space to explore how far have we come? What has been our progress in education, in the wider workplace and society? How do we envision the next one hundred years? What obstacles do we face? What can we do to lead together towards the future we desire?

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