Global Citizen Scholarship: Considerations for Designing Effective International Service-learning Curricula

Valentine MUKURIA
University of Western Sydney, Australia


Higher education institutions have long focused on promoting curricular or co-curricular international mobility programs for their students. At the University of Western Sydney, there is heightened emphasis on encouraging students to explore and undertake international experiences as part of their degree, or through co-curricular programs. Various Schools and Divisions across the university are therefore in the process of revitalising academic units, and/or in some cases developing new units and international mobility programs that facilitate student experiential learning in international contexts. Some of the new units in their development stages include international service-learning curricula aimed at preparing students for a globalised world. As with any new initiatives, the design of international service-learning curricula presents great prospect, opportunities and challenges. The issues/topics that will be addressed through this roundtable will be to identify the graduate attributes/capabilities required to prepare students to thrive in a globalised world and discuss how these graduate attributes can be achieved through explicit learning outcomes in international service-learning units or programs. Further, participants will discuss modes of delivery of international service-learning curriculum that facilitate active learning where students draw upon their lived experiences to enrich the learning environment.

Some suggested questions for discussion include:

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