Student-centred Flipped Pedagogy: Implications to Teaching in Higher Education

University of Otago, New Zealand

Rebecca BIRD
University of Otago, New Zealand


On our campus, in one of the largest first year classes, students repeatedly request access to lecture slides prior to the lecture. In order to manage this shift in pedagogical practice, and accommodate students' learning needs, we have utilized Flipped classroom as a theoretical framework to guide the development of a case study aimed at understanding student perspectives into their need to access learning materials prior to lecture delivery. We also examined note-taking habits, lecture attendance patterns and preference for viewing learning lectures. Furthermore, we explored various technologies participants use for both study and non-study related purposes. Results revealed that accessing lecture materials prior to lectures helped enhance students learning experiences. In particular, participants indicated that prior access to learning materials enabled them to better prepare for classroom interaction and ultimately helped them to actively engage in classroom discussions. In this paper we will present these findings and discuss how they can be utilized in designing a learning environment that encourages active engagement and interaction. We will also discuss possible instructional challenges due to this shift in pedagogical practice.

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