The Foundation and Significance of Setting up a Faculty Development Centre

Wei WU
Xiamen University, China

Leping ZHU
Xiamen University, China


In 2011, the Ministry of education proposed to "guide institutions of higher learning to establish the distinctive feature of teacher education development centre." The main purpose of a faculty development centre is to improve the quality of university teaching through the development of teachers. Serious attention should be paid to the problems existing in the management of foreign teachers such as less communication in teaching between Chinese and foreign teachers. Practice has shown that the setting up of a faculty development centre in colleges and universities at home and abroad is an effective way to help teachers improve the ability of teaching, scientific research and social service. Setting up the faculty development centre with Chinese foreign cooperation in running of the schools is conducive to promoting teachers' teaching communication skills and exchanges, updating teaching philosophy, and realizing the stable growth of foreign teachers. However, the challenge is how to establish the most effective organization, which is in need of further exploration and research.

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