Faculty Development and Chinese Traditional Culture Education —— Based on the Questionnaire of One College

Wei WU
Xiamen University, China

Yingying YANG
Xiamen University, China

Leping ZHU
Xiamen University, China


In order to understand contemporary undergraduates’ knowledge of Chinese traditional culture as well as their appraisal and anticipation towards teachers’ literacy of Chinese traditional culture, 125 undergraduates in Xiamen University were investigated by administering a questionnaire. By analyzing the questionnaire results, this paper puts forward some proposals on how to strengthen the traditional culture education. Survey results showed that undergraduates are very interested in traditional culture and realize its multiple meanings, but they possess a negative attitude towards the status and future of traditional culture, teachers’ traditional cultural awareness and the traditional culture curriculum. Moreover, the study points out some deficiencies of traditional culture education. Universities are supposed to make explicit their goals and be able to grasp the basic principles of traditional culture education, reform the curriculum in order to improve the ways of traditional culture education. The questions for discussion may be as follows:

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